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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2 (HM), Day 12 (Day 412): 2nd Attempt x Looking Back x Today’s Launch & Coverage – 27 May 2021

reflection x launch coverage

Huh. So today I redownloaded an app again just for kicks. Actually made movement verus the last time where I was more passive (okay, make that ZERO action), and actually had a conversation.

However, at the end of the day on this night, I felt like uninstalling it already smh. Somehow, it doesn’t feel like it’s the right move, or the right time at this moment. Or perhaps it’s not my thing?

Randomly as well, last night I stumbled onto my old blog from 2010, got linked back to another even older blog from my poly days and that led me to my friends old old livejournal/blogger sites when we used to exchange blog links and the like back then. Lol, how things have changed so much since then and look at us now with Facebook, Instagram and the like.

Of cos, looking back at my older entries I’m like smh smh smh Hahhaa. But okay la, it’s all part and parcel of life. Who knows when I’m even way older, I’ll do the same looking back at this blog and reading my entries?

Stumbled onto a random old entry where I did some personality quiz and others. Funny how what I published 10-12 years ago bodes true now in 2021. Little did I know. Heh.

Melancholy aside, today’s the launch of the CEE Festival 2021 and yay! Finally, it’s what we have been working so hard for anyways!

The response on paper looks good, or at least decent by my standards. Personally, I feel that this being our second in the 4 part festivalisation series, we have been improving and learning from the first festival and bringing it to the next.

Not to say that this round was perfect, nope it wasn’t becos we still have alot of learning points as we go along. Issues and troubles will also crop up here and there, but it’s all about taking it all in stride and be very thankful for teamwork to tide things through together.

So there you have it, our launch video done up by my colleague! She’s super talented; all done Canva in case you were wondering. It’s a lifesaver!

Thankful as well for more coverage this round – sometimes it’s about the quality; not the quantity that matters becos hey, coverage from a bigger outlet beats coverage from multiple tiny ones (my own site inclusive) right? Heh.

Also making sure I move my butt to get some workouts done and completing Vinland Saga! Would rate it a high 8.2-8.5/10, it’s quite a masterpiece imo, and you know what?

Just a prologue. A 24 episode prologue!

Looking forward to the next season!

I then started to pick up where I left off from Dororo as my next anime. Honestly think it’s not super fantastic, but okay la. Passable to watch coupled with my fave Japanese rice cracker snack & a little bit of scheduling of SG Lifestyle.

Still, a good way to end off my night!

Gnite! 😀


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