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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3, Day 138 (Day 404): Productive x Procrastinate – 15 May 2021

weekends with mitsueki productive procastination

Today is the last day where you can dine out; and/or hang out in groups of 5 before we are in CB Phase 2 (Heightened Measures) from tomorrow onwards. Was expecting a surge of crowds as most people would be rushing to get their fix of dining in before it begins tomorrow so this means = staying at home for me!

It was a productive Saturday though where I used this time to rest, read, watch stuff, work out and self-study – making pretty decent use of my time imo.

Self-studied and passed a few certification exams just for kicks on HubSpot. Added them to my resume and LinkedIn after that including a small update about my volunteer experience at Willing Hearts!

Lunch paired with a nice book, and other food (plus others not pictured) during the day/night.

Another book for the day and I later on napped/slept for 3 hours straight from 5-8pm (woah!).

And ending off my day/night with a workout x starting on Cells at Work: Code Black – definitely a more gritty/realistic/mature R-rated show compared to the usual more light hearted Cells at Work. I can see why it’s catered more to adults..and also I giggled quite abit over one of the episodes (Ep 3 to be specific) as goodness me hahahha *fans self 😂 It was done very well though!

Alrighty and that’s all for today! Productive but yet, I also procrastinated on a number of things – scheduling SG Lifestyle posts, this blog’s pending posts, studying that last segment of my Google Squared, working on scheduling over 100+ items for my ft work that rolls out from Monday 10am onwards, retaking my certification for an expiring certificate, heading to the library to return a couple of soon-to-be overdue books and more.

*nods, I’ll get that done soon-ish (tml/this week, hopefully 🤣😅) 💪


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