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Office Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 137 (Day 403): Announcement of Phase 2 (Heightened Measures) x Panic Mode x Life Goes On – 14 May 2021

office diaries phase 2 heightened measures life goes on

Today started off normally; albeit a FML moment when I realized my meeting is at 3pm; not 9am which I wrote in my schedule so I ended up early in office. #ohwell.

And then lunch time rolled about and THE news broke.

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert): Group Sizes down to 2 and no dining in allowed.

Immediate chaos ensured – I think also because of the proliferation usage of WA/Telegram. E.g have you ever seen the “Forwarded too many times” label on your usual WhatsApp chats? Well, it’s pretty uncommon I think .. except today when all the group chats and friends start spamming/resharing news from everywhere.

Naturally, that led to panic buying as usual.

Unsurprising as well since even my mom’s natural instinct was to do head to the supermarket to stock up the moment I shared the news with her.

Welcome to Circuit Breaker Phase 1.5? It’s not technically fully blown Phase 1, nor isit Phase 2.5 (which we are currently in right now). I honestly don’t know how to define it. They call it Phase 2 (Heightened Measures) though.

My side? Well, the usual stuff continues aka lunch, my team meeting coupled with a pandan cake and drink treat from my two bosses respectively (yay thanks!).

This was also effectively our last physical meeting because WFH takes place with immediate effect from Monday once CB Phase 1.5 kicks in on Sunday. Of cos this depends on different companies and jobs (essential workers/office etc) as you know.

Well, life goes on and I think by now, many of us are kinda learning to be rather fluid and adaptable to such changing situations.

I wanted to see the queues first-hand verus photos and videos shared on socials so I made a pit stop at Paya Lebar to check out the situation.

What queues?

What empty shelves?

What crowd?!

To test this theory, I went to Giant and Daiso respectively at Paya Lebar Square. Followed by Fairprice at SingPost Centre and then Fairprice Finest and Scoop Food at Paya Lebar Quarter.

Same situation on all; but perhaps slightly longer queues/emptier shelves at Fairprice amongst all the 5 places I checked out.

So don’t believe what you see on social media/receive on WA/tele till you see it for yourself.

Then again, other factors could be the location / timing of my visit, number of malls/supermarkets available and the demographics of the shoppers. Neighborhood Supermarkets will probably be busier/bustling/crowded in comparison? I don’t know. All I know is that we can definitely survive through this short CB Phase 1.5. 

Back home, a very short #chloeting paired with Cells at Work S2; thus completing this short 8 episode season before ending off with fruits; my FT work (yes working :(, it’s my peak period!).

Strangely, though work is busy and rapidly picking up with the event date approaching rapidly and us running against very tight deadlines/timelines. But yet, I quite like my job.

Well, at least for now hahaha. Ask me in a year; or 6 months later okay? :p

Anyway, stay safe everyone!


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