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Office Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 134 (Day 400): The Usual Work Matters x Supermarket Loots x A Rare Early Night – 11 May 2021

office diaries early nigh

Huh. 400 days have passed since CB started and we’ve been surviving this pandemic for quite a long while – sometimes even longer than a relationship hahahhahahaha *inserts self-deprecating laughter here 😂

That aside, yes it’s bread again in the morning. AGAIN. Guess I’m coming into a habit of having brekkie nowadays in the morning cos my tummy will grumble if I don’t have anything.

Today’s lunch and I even have a cup of miso soup which I bought from Daiso recently! Personally, I think it completes my meal nicely so yay!

Meanwhile, nothing much to add from here cos work has been really busy with all the prepwork to be done so you see me pretty much sitting there churning out deliverables after deliverables 😅 (with even more to come).

The good news is that at least for now, I still can get off work on time at 6pm with no OT (hopefully that remains!) and I went for my usual supermarket shopping once again!

Today’s loot and supermarket buys that I was looking at!

Was really tempted by this multi cooker but I just have to find one more person willing to buy it together with me for the deal 🙁

Other than that, today I randomly tried this rojak stall from the Muslim food court at the basement of Paya Lebar Square and it was a surprise find!

I found the sauce nice and viscous with a little spicy kick (okay, it might be too spicy HAHHA) coupled with green apples, cucumbers, youtiao, taw kwa and plenty of peanuts (I requested for no turnips and a copious amount of peanuts). Yum and it was quite worth it for $3.60 on the Kopitiam card (U.P $4).

Paired that with Hataraku Saibou!! (Cells at Work S2) with my mom’s homemade agar jelly to take the heat off my burning tongue and I was all good!

What surprised me last night was how exhausted I was – was dozing by 11pm and slipped off to bed very very early at 1120pm for a very rare early night. 🤔

zz gnite!


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