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Mitsueki on Leave (CB Phase 3, Day 130 (Day 396): Pre-Mother’s Day Lunch x Media Drops x Horimiya with Mr Baguette & Tang Yuan – 7 May 2021

mitsueki on leave pre mothers day lunch

Ah this Friday is a lovely day indeed because I’m on PM leave! This means mornings be like = clearing work, and then I was out for lunch for an advanced Mother’s Day lunch with my mom!

We tried somewhere new this round – Zhen De La, a temporary 3 month pop-up place located at City Gate Mall/Residences at Jalan Sultan / Beach Road area.

Bonus, free 2 hours parking with a min of $20 spending!

I was a little apprehensive entering at first while it blasted those techno Chinese beats lol. Not a usual place that I would bring my mom for sure..but since we were here already – try lor.

They don’t take reservations, all-walk ins only but it shouldn’t be an issue as the foot traffic around the area is quite low.

We were here for one thing only – their signature Hokkein mee that was highly rated about.

Aesthetically, it does look mouth-watering, priced at $12.80 and it comes served with two large fresh prawns (unshelled), a couple of fresh lalas and hokkein noodles in a slightly wet broth with some lard toppings and spring onions. Their belachan chilli with a piece of lime is served by the side, but caution, it’s VERY spicy.

And then we eat in gusto. Well, at least for me la hahaha. I thought it was not too bad; just a tad salty and not much of a wok hei flavour if that’s what you’re looking for. It has to be eaten with the belachan chilli for the noodles to pack a nice punch or else it might just be a little flat.

Mom however was not impressed. Lesser so when the bill came and she was shaking her head that it wasn’t worth it. So fyi, I paid $31.50 for 2x hokkein mee and 1x Chinese tea. Was it worth it?

Mm, a diplomatic answer would be – money is not a concern when it comes to my mom to make her happy.

Do y’all know how hard it is to get photos like these in my camera roll. Very very rare so keeping it here for memory’s purpose.

Happy early Mother’s Day Mom!

Since I was around the vicinity, I made a pit stop to Golden Mile Food Centre next door to attempt to get my hands on the famous Mr Baguette!

The queue looks long but it was pretty fast and I got my orders ready – 2x Portuguese egg tarts and 2x chocolate lava for $2; essentially one each for my mom and myself!

I recommend eating it on the spot for the best experience; or else you’ll need to heat it up in the toaster at home.

Couldn’t resist and I also picked up my fave tang yuan in peanut soup since I was around the area!

Back home and then it was next off to a dentist appointment before setting up to snap photos for recent media drops!

Thanks KayithJ for this lovely handsewn Harry Potter tote bag!

A set of Naroo masks and arm sleeves that Agnes passed to me previously!

And this set of Quantum ION MULTI / SAFE and PROTECT series from Vallio Global.

Thank you and I can’t wait to use them all! 🙏

Ending off my TGIF Friday night with a new anime, Horimiya, a highly rated anime this Winter 2021 season which I felt didn’t deserve it’s rating. It’s rating is 8.27 on MAL but imo, I would personally rate is 6.27. It was a little boring to be frank.

At least I had my peanut soup and Mr Baguette for dinner that night! The latter definitely would have tasted better if eaten on the spot. Shall do it next time!

Okay gnite, and thanks for reading! 🙂


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