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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 103 (Day 368): Morning Meetings x Kimchi Salads x Suteki no Jigoku~ – 9 April 2021

wfh diaries focus groups kimchi salads

Good morning!

I started off my Friday morning with a company re-branding focus group meeting and it was an interesting one to be part of!

Generally most re-branding exercises if it’s a small scale one is quite flexible/simpler, but for such large scale ones like these – it’s another whole kettle of fish by itself!

Snacking and listening. Oh and voting too!

Here’s lunch after that with oh my god, gulourou again.

I mixed it up this round by adding some Jongga kimchi which I bought on sale previously to pair with my now fave Japanese cabbage/lettuce mix from Donki Singapore!

For such a big packet, I was expecting it to be packed full to the brim but nope, actually not as much as I expected tbh!

The whole packet will be able to fit a small container about this size, sufficient for perhaps 4-5 servings imo?

I took one serving out already for today’s salad so give and take you can just imagine the amount la. Heh

Just give it a good mix and we’re good to go!

Did I mention I have about 2 more servings of gulourou in the fridge (1 more now, from today)?!

Me: “Mom!! No more gulourou please 🤣!!”

Mom: “But today’s one looks very good!”

Me: “Sigh”

But yeah, today’s batch of freshly fried gulourou is not too bad.

For the rest of my time at work, I was just busy working on a couple of slides and brainstorming due very soon.

Loads of building blocks that has to be done/thought through first before anything but luckily, we have the luxury of time right now to sit down and really think through it so that’s good 🙂

Also, I’m officially a HUGE fan of Hoozuki no Reitetsu!

So much so that I actually bothered watching the OVA before moving onto to S2 after I completed S1!

Funny, light-hearted with some Japanese (abit of English) folklore, great animation, lovely characters and catchy songs (+ some slapstick humour done very well) – this is a huge hit for me considering that it could cause me to crack up in stifled laughter at many points.

Note that I’m unfamiliar with most of Japanese folklore too but don’t worry, it’s okay. A good to know, but not a necessity to watch 👌

Do watch it if you haven’t yet! 👍👍👍

Also my new fave addiction – cheap snacks aka cornflakes and oats with soymilk.



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