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Office Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 95 (Day 360): Getting Fooled on April Fool’s x Office Pizza Party with Little Caesar’s Pizza x Late Work Nights – 1 April 2021

office diaries little caesar piza

I’m glad I decided to sit down last night and do up a spontaneous post on April Fools Day for SG Lifestyle last night hahaha. That’s also the beauty of running your own platform/editorial in a way – you can do/write what you like! 😀

What was a surprise for me is when some of them were debunked as being REAL on April Fool’s Day itself and that got me surprised cos I was genuinely sure that it was a joke. So yeah, you got me there Burger King.

Oh and bonus +points for being tagged by brands to feature them. I hear you, okay, adding you into our list!

Heh and also a quick shout-out to bossman on the launch of what he has been working on for a long time – Singapore’s the world’s first-ever dog cruise on the Royal Albatross!! Thanks for the early tip-off about the launch on 1 Apr (#notanAprilFoolsjoke) :p

Missed out on the fun? Read the round up here!

Meanwhile, it’s a long day at office today and we were all prepped up by cozying in the meeting room as our command centre for the night.

Fruit cup (my first purchase of the month after resetting!), rainbow kuehs and nibbles which my boss brought for the team to eat!

The food didn’t end here with a pizza delivery courtesy of Little Caesar’s Pizza and Agnes from ATMC!

I ordered for a 6-8 pax party received the following party platter consisting of a number of their newly launched items and classic pizzas!

What I didn’t expect was the HUGE amount of food that arrived including 4 12″ pizzas, a couple of sides and bottled drinks!

Definitely NOT for a 6-8 pax, but way way more!! For reference, a 4 pizza party like this costs around $76.68 with free delivery which is pretty good value! You can order it HERE!

I left the pizza options to Agnes and received the following.

  • 1x Large 12″ BBQ Chicken Pizza with their new Cheesy Stuffed Crust!
  • 1x Large 12″ Ultimate Supreme Pizza
  • 2x Slices-N-Stix (NEW)

Alongside a couple of sides including two packets of Crazy Bread combo, Caesar’s Wings, Cinnamon Bites New

Was it a whole lot of food?

HELL YEAH!! A literal pizza party!

And yes, I tried EVERYTHING so that’s 4 slices of pizzas, including a piece of every single side lol.

*Shakes head, it was a crazy carb filled night.

Obviously we couldn’t finish it and shared the love with my other colleagues who were having an after work office party!

In exchange, we got to indulge in a spot of mala, satay, oyster omelette and the like over some team bonding.

Don’t forget about the drinks. Goodness me. They really like their wine and alcohol here!

Moi? Just a very very light touch. I think they’ve got soft drinks prepped for me in the fridge, but I’m okay with mixers 🙊🙊

Not to say we’re not doing work ah! It’s a mix of both and finally doneeeee at 10pm right on the dot!

Good job everyone for the team effort! The bulk of the work however, goes to my key marketing colleague and our ops guy – we’re just the supporting cast and rara squad 🤣🤣

Nonetheless, gogo team! Meanwhile, onwards to the longgggg weekend ahead!!!

Thanks always for reading and see ya for tomorrow’s usual post~


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