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Office Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 93 (Day 358): Back to Office Salad Days x Good Things Come to People who Wait – 30 March 2021

office diaries good things come to people who wait

Huh. How did my 5 days of long weekend just fly by so fast?

Within a blink of an eye, it’s back to office life with a 9am meeting to start off (YAY!!) another short week ahead hehe.

As I’ve been indulging a little too much, this calls for salad days for the next few days till my next indulgence on err, Thursday night!

My fancy little salad in a small, but tall bowl featuring leftovers. So difficult to eat without leaving a mess all over but worth it – especially when I started watching an anime I’ve been patiently looking forward to watching once the season ended officially.

I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting weekly in suspense for new episodes to be released.

Instead, I tend to happily wait till the season is pretty much completed before SWOOPING in to binge watch the entire season to completion.

Well, till the next season that is.

Doesn’t it feel better this way? The wait sometimes hightens the suspense and enjoyment.

Afterall, good things come to people who wait no? :p

Well, that’s what I keep telling myself la 🤣🤣

Okay, other than that – it’s a pretty uneventful day back in office other than the usual work/meetings and the like.

What’s most important is getting off on time and running off to catch a long awaited movie!

*Slides in JUST in time before the movie started!

Yay, I can’t think of a better way to end off my Tuesday night watching two titans, essentially a giant lizard and ape duking it out. Oh and some Mecca stuff and a super basic predictable plotline.

Honestly no one cares about that except this.


Poor Hong Kong tho LOL 🤣


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