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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3, Day 76 (Day 341): Tasting Lunch at Enjoy Eating House and Bar @ Mercure on Stevens x The Usual #Otakumode – 13 March 2021

weekends with mitsueki enjoy eating house and bar

It’s been awhile since I brought my mom out for a nice sit down meal and today, this was ticked off the list!

Granted, a tasting opportunity came at the same time with a suitable cuisine so I thought – why not right? Really appreciate Ben and Deanna from Protegie Consultancy for making the arrangements; and of course, their client for having us 🙂

So here we were for lunch at Enjoy Eating House and Bar over at Stevens located at Mercure Hotel (Stevens). The location is not too accessible via public transportation, so I suggest a Grab or you can drive there if possible 🙂

Set up in a colourful, old school retro + funky concept, it’s quite an appealing place to have a communal meal with your family and friends.

Their menu design and table setting is quite cute too; gotta love their menu! My mom was hilarious here though, pointing out that today isn’t the 8th. I was like “Mom, that’s the menu! 🤣”

We were free to pick our choices and I chose the following to try:

Braised Abalone with Ikura – $15

To impress, you can start off with the braised Abalone with Ikura, a combination you can’t go wrong with. It comes with four mini braised Abalone, cubes of preserved vegetables, accompanying sauce and garnish served on a black slate. A modern deconstruction of sorts.

Hainanese Chicken Satay 5pc – $10

Their chicken satay (5 pcs) comes served with a lovely peanut dip and a side of achar which I enjoyed very much.

Peranakan Bakwan Kepiting – $8

It’s rare to see a peranakan soup so I ordered it for my mom to try. The taste is strong. Note that this is a single serving portion.

Chef Joel’s XO White Fish Soup – $10

Seeing that they touted about the white fish soup that has been boiled for 7-8 hours, I couldn’t resist to order. The fish is fresh and they are heavy on the XO, a dish you’ll enjoy if you like fish soup. Note that this is a single serving portion.

Hakka Steamed Tofu – $14

Whenever there’s a toss up between tofu or veggies, I would usually go for the veggies while my mom goes for the tofu. Naturally, she won this round again so tofu it is. It comes prettily plated, steamed tofu stuffed with meatball/scallop (in the middle) and topped with ebiko roe. Healthy and light.

Silky Egg Seafood Crispy Hor Fun – $17

To impress again, you can order their crispy hor fun which is a novelty dish imo. Yeah their hor fun is crispy and my mom had some fun eating it thinking it was keropok at first.

I suggest this dish for sharing because it’s quite big and can get gelat after awhile. Tip: you HAVE to eat it really quickly / immediately because the sauce gets to it = the crispy hor fun pieces becomes soggy.

They are generous with the ingredients as well as you can tell.

Chef Joel’s Mee Kia 2.0 – $17

I was thinking of sharing my mom’s horfun, but I decided to go for their mee kia since it seems to be a signature.

Again, this is another modern take so it’s rather visually appealing in terms of plating.

You get this lovely pile of mee kia served with a sous vide egg, tender pork slices, small bak choy and topped with garnish, abit of caviar & crab meat and lard (if I’m not wrong!).

It’s not super dry as there’s abit of sauce below. It’s also a tad salty, but quite addictive.

Barley (HOT) and Barley (COLD) – $5 each

My mom and I ordered the barley (cold for her, hot for me). A great choice as it’s a homemade drink which they did very well.

It’s also kinda cute that they have their own merchandise corner too – thanks for the media gift! 😊✌️

Lol and then it’s just two pictures to end off my Saturday!

Watching food porn (anime) x while exercising! Oh and hours and HOURS (at least 3-4 hours) of spam watching Facebook videos 🤣

Slacking, snacking and more food porn (anime) too!

It’s an early night for me today cos of a hiking date tomorrow – I’m excited!!~


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