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Office Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 74 (Day 339): Team Brekkie & Lunch x Office Visits x Just The Beginning x #OtakuMode x Decisions Decisions – 11 March 2021

office diaries team lunch and dinner

Good morning! I’m not really a breakfast person but today, I had a ‘slightly’ proper brekkie in the morning with my team!

Hehe managed to get a free tompang to our meeting place later on so okay la, why not! Thanks for the ride!!

Brekkie was at Bedok 85, my first time coming here in the morning and it was surprisingly really crowded with queues galore at the popular stalls!

My boss treated us to her top 3 recommended stalls featuring the Kaya toast with homemade Kaya, chwee kway and this vegetarian beehoon which she has eaten as her breakfast for the last 20 years (wow!).

And drinks to start off the morning too.

Lol I can barely count the number of times I’ve drunk from these kinda cups so here’s adding one count to my list!

*Burps! Thanks for the treat!

Onwards to our meeting point to meet up with the rest of the team to go on a office tour and presentation + demo for a really cool feature.

Their office facilities are super cool and I’m amazed by the brands that they have worked with! Killed off some calories by walking around their building (it’s like a whole dedicated campus, AND playing some games where we ran around).

Can I say that I wasn’t dressed for the occasion? Lol (the running around part).

Lunch was at Putien later on with the team and they definitely know how to pick the good dishes – including the lor mee, hum dish and my fave gu lo rou!

Again, not cheap but not a huge bomb. We paid around $25 x 6 pax for this meal fyi.

Thanks also to one of our colleagues for treating us to drinks later on!

Back to work with the Sales team doing the hard (manual/physical) work aka distribution of marketing materials as their field work for today! It’s kinda cool because we never did anything like this for SITEX back then!

For us on the marketing side, it’s to the office to tie up and brush up all the loose ends on the digital side. Afterall, it’s our first ever IT Show Festival so there are many learnings to be done and takeaways for improvement for the next edition!

We had really positive feedback and comments coming in from our Exhibitors and consumers alike so that’s really nice especially knowing that our efforts in putting together the event has given an ROI back to our customers!

In addition, the coverage this round has been fantastic. More than expected and knowing I was able to play a small part in it makes me really satisfied! The support here is so different verus from back then at SITEX hahaha. I guess it’s a really stronger together mentality verus silos/solo.

It’s just the beginning though – more to come within the year! 🙂

Meanwhile, back home later and as usual you’ll see me doing my usual workouts to kill off those brekkie+lunch calories .. WHILE watching a food anime HAHHAA.

I completed S1 of Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma and am now onwards to S2, which surprisingly only has 13 episodes?

So far it’s not bad.. but what I don’t like is the ecchi portion of it. It kinda turns me off but I just ignore all of those to watch the main ASSET of the series. (Lol, that pun 🤣)

Getting work done coupled with snacking (bad bad Daph) and anime – it’s the life!

Sidenote..I’ve finally moved my freaking lazy butt to start looking into investment again cos I’ve been thinking to diversify my portfolio for the longest time.

We are SO spoiled for choice now in the market yeah?

Decisions decisions.. what should I try out?

At least one decision has been made = – choosing and spam applying all my hard earned OIL from last year’s sleepless nights for SITEX before they expire.

I’m all set and I can’t wait!


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