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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 72 (Day 337): A Little Satisfaction x A Whole Lot of (Snack) Cheating – 9 March 2021

wfh diaries satisfaction

Tuesdays are usually our regular meetings in office but yay!! It was postponed till tomorrow = WFH day for me!

Something hilarious to share – so I prepped my lunch on Sunday here, brought it to work yesterday and ended up eating freshly fried mee goreng from the Malay stall at the cafeteria. In the end..knowing that I was WFH-ing.. I brought my food back home yesterday 😂

So here’s lunch lol. With a few new ingredients = egg and cranberries!


Meanwhile, the rest of today was pretty much devoted to one thing = scheduling NON STOP.

Honestly, I’ve never scheduled so many things in my life before so it was a veritable spam on our socials and our community seems to love it all (and don’t think it’s spam)! It was also my first time doing the artwork for all of these (humbly, using a set template fyi cos I have no design skills) so yeah.. a little satisfaction garnered there.

Plus my new role as well. Oof when it lands, it’s quite shiok to see coverage 🙏 Super thankful and it’s pretty cool because we actually do get some nice coverage verus back then when doing SITEX where we struggled more. I hope it keeps up! 🙏🙏

Braindead but surviving – it’s time for a quick workout x anime to end off my night.

And a whole lot of cheating 😂😂 #fatdieme

Sidenote: my memory of Chip Star doesn’t live up to the actual taste. Maybe things really do taste better in Japan. Perhaps it’s the air? 🤔🤔


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