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Office Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 71 (Day 336): Go Go Girl Power x First Cafeteria Lunch – 8 March 2021

office diaries cafeteria lunch

Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies on this day! #gogirlpower

For the ladies on my team!

An unexpected gift back from another woman (not on my team hahaha) later that night. Thank you! 😊

Random, but I decided to wear my new shoes out today and let’s just say that it’s with IMMEDIATE regret cos blisters galore as I’ve got really really sensitive feet! :’)

Bet you couldn’t tell how much pain I was in with this selfie yeah? HAHAHAH 🤣

I brought my own lunch which I prepped on Sunday HERE, however I was curious about the food at the cafeteria and went to check it out!

Due to the Covid-19 period, the cafeteria isn’t running at its original full force with only one main stall opened on a weekly basis while the drinks/snack store is open daily. I also later found out that they close early at 3pm!

This week’s food stall opened is the Malay food stall and the prices are a throwback to secondary/poly school life as they are super pocket friendly. I think the uncle gave me a fishcake for free cos I think it’s more expensive than what I paid for (accordingly to the menu).

Only $2 for freshly fried mee goreng with an added fishcake with chilli! A tad oily but sinful and I finished everything!

I also bought a sardine curry puff which was freshly fried for 50c so this was a really nice and pocket friendly meal indeed!

Oh and the fruits and snacks are cheap too! Fruit cups go from 90cents for the normal and $1.50 for the premium selection! I haven’t asked about the snack prices but perhaps next time! 🙂

Then it was just work work work for the rest of the day with our event coming up this week! Many first times today and I had a good teamwork going on with my new teammate, Kristin and Beatrice as we worked together to get things out!

It’s not 100% on my own efforts, but a cumulation / collaborative effort from all of us ladies and whew. That felt good / satisfying to work (and rant HAHAHHA) together as a team.

Quite happy with where I am now, though a little exhausted for today (blaming my late nights hahaha). Pretty much stoned/crashed when I got home that night.

Go go girl power! 💪


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