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Public Holidays with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3, Day 47 (Day 312): Happy CNY 2021 x Family Visiting x #Otakumode (Special Fire Force S1) – 12 Feb 2021

public holidays with mitsueki cny 2021 day 1

Happy CNY 2021 everyone!

Lol though by the time this post actually comes out, it’s probably late March or something 😂

Anyway I hope you had a good CNY this 2021; for me I didn’t really feel the CNY vibes too much but it’s alright heh.

I woke up to my second red packet of the year from my mom; and in return, gave my first red packet of the year – from myself to my mom!

Ran a poll on IG stories to find out if most people do the same and likewise; except for a couple of peeps who don’t. An interesting consensus for sure; I myself only just started giving red packets to my mom probably only after I started working 🙂

My OOTD of the day as I prepped up for the first day of visiting!

My extended family is pretty small so we never really had more than a day or two, at maximum of visiting all these years.

Well, except this year during this Covid-19 period where we have to break visits into 3-4 parts due to the visitor limit cap per day and not everyone can come.

Lunch became this dim sum feast which my mom bought fresh from Ho Kee Pau, pretty yum but oily.

The usual gatherings and slight catch-ups between relatives that happen 1-2 a year for me hahaha.

My mom’s almond jelly dessert ♥️

Pineapple tarts and cookies 🙂

And we were done!

Yep, unlike the usual years where it’s a full day of waiting for different groups to visit in batches (we usually receive 3 batches in 1 day to complete all visits!), it has split into last week, today, tml and Sunday to adhere with the social distancing measures.

And obviously, it’s me heading back to my usual #otakumode the moment it ended.

Woohoo, *wipes off makeup and attempts to keep watching Darling in the Franxx.

Unfortunately, I gave up around Ep 11 as it wasn’t appealing enough to me and dropped it. Bye.

Moving onto Special Fire Force (Enen No Shouboutai) next and hoping for a good binge session.

It didn’t let me down 🙂

19/24 within half a day – looking forward to completing it tml and starting on S2!

Plus some #chloeting cos too many pineapple tarts and other feasting this CNY 😂😂

Most importantly, thanks always for reading! Hope you had a great CNY just like I did! (I know I had one HEHEHE)


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