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Mitsueki On Leave (CB Phase 3, Day 46 (Day 311): Book Binge x CNY Reunion Lunch x Anime Binge #Otakumode – 11 Feb 2021

mitsueki on leave cny reunion lunch 2021

So what did you do on CNY Eve?

Mine is pretty simple.


And to the lazy me = this means BOOK BINGE-ING.

Foooodddd, aka Reunion lunch with my mom! 🙂

Thanks mom!



Yep and I was done with Deca-Dence for today!

Comments for this anime:

I thought it was gonna be something like Attack on Titans or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress from the first episode but it was like a twisted isekei kind with chibi style cyborgs.. Sci-fi of sorts.

Pipe also reminds me of ALOT of Mitty from Made In Abyss but without the sad backstory.

Overall: 7.25/10 for it. It’s okay for me.

Next on, I was debating between Fire Force and Darling in the Franxx and the latter won!

I’m on episode 7 so far and err, it’s a mixed bag for me. Not really liking the fanservice and occasional ecchi thing going on there just because it’s a more shonen series (catered to young males).

Let’s see how long I can keep up the show before being bored..or will I complete the series?

Oh and it was a very quiet CNY Eve for me. No countdown no nothing but I’m good. Not really feeling the festive vibes this year – how about you? O.o


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