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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 3, Day 44 (Day 309): First Times x New Beginnings x Zion Road BLK 91 Seafood Soup x McDonalds Cheat Day x #Otakumode – 9 Feb 2021

wfh diaries Zion Road BLK 91 Seafood Soup

Mm, my first time on this bus to my new (temporary (?)) workplace this early morning.

I did feel a sense of slight excitement and fluttering in my belly as the bus drew closer and closer to my destination. In a way, it’s almost like starting a new job though I’m still (technically) in the same company; albeit with perhaps a new job scope (?), new colleagues and working style.

More importantly, I’m looking forward to learning opportunities beyond the one year plus in my company so far.

Tbh, I didn’t really feel that sad saying goodbye to my previous portfolio. We had a good run and I fulfilled my one year’s worth of it so I’m good to move on to something new.

That’s life too – to not attach yourself and self-worth to anyone or anything too much. 🙂

First meeting done!

And first lunch session as well with my new team! 🙂

For lunch, we went to the coffeeshop opposite my office and they recommended the fish soup here.

It’s pretty famous apparently, the Zion Road BLK 91 Seafood Soup!

I had the typical OL (office lady) mixed fish soup which came in this set here with the fried fish by the side.

It’s not bad, but in comparison to the Arcade Fish Soup I had recently; I think my preference will be theirs.

Nonetheless, will try their sliced fish bee hoon soup next time with evaporated milk cos I hear that’s one of their best recommendations!

Alrighty, it’s back to work and my first mirror ootd in my new workplace 😂

Decided to slack off abit for today and not work out (again). In fact, I cheated MASSIVELY with a full blown McDonalds meal.

A fillet o fish burger paired with fries, 6 pieces of spicy mcnuggets and a coke. Ah #fatdieme.

Officially as well, I finished up (S4) of My Hero Academia today.

My opinion? It was rather slow season and I think it’s the weakest season out of the 4 I’ve watched though it did end on a nice (and slightly epic) note. However, it doesn’t really hold a candle to the first few seasons imo.

Rating: 7.4/10

Nonetheless, still looking forward to the next season coming out this year!

Now what shall be my next anime..?🤔


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