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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 3, Day 34 (Day 299): First SG Lifestyle Team Lunch @ Xin Tekka (Liang Ji x Hakka Pang x Casa Bom Vento Express) x K Anime – 30 Jan 2021

Once again, it’s another Saturday full of first times starting off with my first time at the newly opened Tekka Place!

I’ve been eyeing the food court called Xin Tekka for the longest time since last year to try out their food and finally, I managed to find an opportunity to do so by trying it up a meetup!

And volia! Our first SG Lifestyle Team meet up for 2021 with Kaitlyn and Uncle Boo, missing a couple of other people due to conflict schedules. But no matter, this won’t be the first and last for sure 🙂

Thanks for taking the time out on a weekend for this lunch session! 😊

Here’s what we had! All not sponsored ah, was out of my own pocket to treat the team to thank them in a small way!

1) Crabmeat Char Kway Teow from Liang Ji – $9.90

This is one of the recommended dishes that are a must order at Liang Ji. Pricey yes, but an occasional treat once in awhile is good.

Your char kway teow comes fried to order with hum, fishcake, beansprouts and Chinese sausage in a large serving (feeds 2-3 small eaters in my opinion or 1 very hungry person) topped with a generous serving of crabmeat and pork lard by the side.

It’s not the super wet, or extremely dry style of char kway teow (depending on your preference) but just nice in between though imo it runs more to the drier side.

To Uncle Boo, he finds that it 适合他的胃口 (suits his taste buds).

For me, I don’t regularly eat CKT that often so I find that it’s a pretty decent plate. No complaints here from me.

What I would have liked to try is his bak kwa char kway teow but perhaps next time instead 🙂

2) Signature Noodles Set with Extra Chicken Wings from Hakka Pang – $9.50 + $4

Ah, Hakka Pang opened by famous Chef Pang aka ex-Antoinette’s Chef owner features Hakka style noodles and that’s just pretty much what’s on his menu.

Hakka noodles, Hakka tofu soup and Hakka chicken wings. Oh and a new Hakka noodle soup dish.

I ordered the signature noodles set that came with the full works from the noodles to the tofu and 2 pieces of chicken wings.

Since we had 3 pax, I also topped up for an extra order of 2 more chicken wings since they don’t do single add-ons.

Caution – these noodles are not for the health-conscious as they are tossed in lard yeah.

The noodles are very tasty with the right amount of bite and texture and they come with some minced pork (and some pork lard) as well plus some chili which makes a very nice combination.

The soup is not too bad with a nice portion of stuffed tofu and a couple of yong tau foo while the fried chicken wings were lovely, crispy and done nicely covered with a tasty batter.

In my opinion, a good set for 2 pax or a very hungry 1 pax hahaha.

3) Nyonya Dry Mee Siam from Casa Bom Vento Express – $7.50

Now the dry mee siam was a dry horse in my opinion coming out of nowhere and exploding in my mouth at the first bite.

Wow. It was done just right.

That’s all I can say.

Highly recommended and this is what I would bring my mom back for to try.

Phew and what a feast where we cleared up EVERYTHING between three of us. Hahaha but alot went to Uncle Boo for helping us finish! 😡

Many of the chefs / stall owners here generally are well known in their own circles and within the food community so that’s the general appeal of this food court.

The only downside is the lack of foot traffic within the area, even though it’s considered rather prime estate located next to an MRT station (Rochor MRT). Without their own community of fans / followers, I think it will be hard for the stall owners to survive here for long with the rental rates and opening hours.

However, I hope they do because the food here is excellent; albeit more pricey than the usual food courts / hawker centres.

What you pay is what you get though and I’ll definitely be back – perhaps with my mom in tow the next round to let her try Casa Bom Vento Express. I think she would enjoy it very much.

Oh and you can visit the next block to check out the mall called Tekka Place!

Sadly, like most strata malls in Singapore – you can see that extensive renovations and efforts have been put into place .. however, the foot traffic is just a killer turning it into a sad ghost town especially for the second level.

I think without anchor tenants like Starbucks, Liho and NTUC, plus some efforts from the mall management.. mm, well. You get the picture la.

Well, best of luck to them and hope business picks up 🙂

Onwards home and time to pick up a new anime!

Hello K anime.

Rating: 6.25-5/10. Interesting premise and nice character design but the story ah.. you’ll probably kinda get somewhat of the full picture like literally 1-2 episodes before the season ends.

However, that’s pretty normal for many animes squeezed into a 12-13 episode count.

It did get me hooked to read up more about it though so let’s see if I’ll continue on for the next season!

Alright and that’s all for today’s post! Thanks always for reading and see ya for tomorrow’s usual daily read! 🙂


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