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Mitsueki On Leave (CB Phase 3, Day 33 (Day 298): First CNY Haircut by Enso Hair Studio x First Time Trying Arcade Fish Soup x Andre & His Olive Tree Movie – 29 Jan 2021

public holidays with mitsueki enso hair studio

Today’s a day I’ve been waiting for with a couple of things to look forward to 🙂

Here’s introducing my new hair sponsor for 2021 – Enso Hair Studio located at #02-17/18, Change Alley Mall over at Raffles Place!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here and wow, Change Alley Mall has revamped till it’s almost unrecognisable!

Just giving my full trust over to Elvis, my assigned hair stylist at Enso Hair Studio to give me my first hair cut of 2021 – a long awaited one since last and here we go!

Starting off a consultation of what I wanted in terms of my hair cut. And no, I don’t dye / colour or perm my hair though sometimes I’m tempted to do the latter for permanent proper curls hahahaha.

Next up is a wash and blow dry with a soothing scalp massage (thank you!!) before moving on the actual cutting!

Tbh, when Elvis was snipping away at my hair – I was like omg, those strands of hair look longer than expected and slightly beyond my comfort level 🤣

The hair cut also comes with simple styling after that where Elvis used a flat iron to achieve some natural looking C curls and waves to my hair – this is something I wasn’t expected or used to cos it’s been awhile since my hair has been this short (okay la, not THAT short hehe).

Here’s the before and after (1 day later!) without washing my hair and I’m already growing fond of the hair length! OL or retro vibes anyone? Hehe.

Thanks Enso Hair Studio for this and am looking forward to continuing to place my tresses in their care in the months to come!

If you’re interested to get your hair done – here’s their address for your reference!

Enso Hair Salon
30 Raffles Place #02-17/18
Change Alley Mall

Meanwhile, since it was pretty rare that I would be at Raffles Place, I took the opportunity to walk around the area to check it out and reminisce about the time when I worked here longgggg ago during my internship days.

Many things have changed since then, but many have also withstood the passage of time.

And when I say really withstood the passage of time = it’s been almost a decade (10 years) since my poly internship days HAHAHA.

What’s super ironic though is that even though I once worked here, I never had the opportunity to try out the famous Arcade Fish Soup hidden at the corner.

With the current COVID-19 situation, I reckoned there should be lesser of a crowd for lunch so I headed there to try it out for the first time.

Indeed the crowd and queues have lessened, but due to social distancing measures, it might be a wait before you can get yourself a seat here.

And finally, I did – at 2pm, and it was still a full house thing. I had to share a table with another solo diner but it’s cool.

Here’s how to order and their menu.

I went for the double fish soup with the evaporated milk for $6.50 and here’s what I got.

Generous portions of sliced fish and fried fish with vegetables, tofu, a tomato and topped with their famous garlic bits (self help).

You can help yourself the latter (garlic bits) alongside with that chilli which went fantastic with the sliced fish.

Personally, I feel that even though the price point is a little steep; the ingredients makes the dish worth the while.

The soup is good without being too MSG-like so I didn’t feel thirsty, and there’s not much oil coating even with the presence of the fried fish and garlic.

It was a great bowl of fish soup so now I understand why people love it so much 🙂

My next appointment for the day before my final movie date with Areunaa that night!

Huge thanks to Youtiaoman for the giveaway where I won a pair of tickets to watch Andre and his Olive Tree!

It was a great movie which I enjoyed very much and the cinematics was fantastic especially the close up shots of the food! Though it never really addressed specific answers, I thought the storytelling was rather whimsical and poignant – it was a good escape from realism imo. A rare (but real) unicorn story.

I’m also no food connoisseur, be it fine dining or even normal food but gee, I think most people watching this movie (and have never tried his food) will have this little longing in their hearts..

“If only I could have had the opportunity to try..”

That’s for me la. Heh.

And that’s it for today’s post!

Thanks always for reading and don’t forget to follow me on IG @mitsueki (private account) for real time updates and (occasional) fun quizzes/votes 🙂


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