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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2, Day 162 (Day 236): Trust x Silent Support x Day 2 of SITEX GO-es Online – 28 Nov 2020

28/11 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Day 2 of the show and same routine.

Today I’ve less involvement other than my usual opening and closing segment. We’re all also learning to grasp the flow as well on our 2nd team – a great job to our 2 man show with YY and Jeffrey behind, ESPECIALLY YY.

Very meticulous and he thinks of everything to ensure the ops side runs very smoothly and perfectly. I enjoy working with him and 👍

Meanwhile, we had our two first live sales as well – one, slightly new. The other, a very experienced Facebook live sales seller (#1 host/seller in his company)!

Fantastic job and I know Bobby was quite glued to his screen to try to learn how he does it to get ready for his second live tomorrow with me!

Thanks to Mobot for letting us play around with the bicycles too. I don’t know how to ride but.. it seems more manageable with their bikes verus others. Friendlier for beginners and noobs like me..

Thanks also to Bobby – my fellow teammate, I’ve gotta learn how to trust* to not let me down.

*Trust, being something I’m learning to give. Still learning.

To my mom – for just being the silent supporter.

Bosses and colleagues with moral support and food (welfare) hahaa.

And to many others, Eugene (thank you!), Areunaa (girl you ah), everyone on the team (and offline) 🙂 I remember y’all all. 🙏

Meanwhile, it’s the last night, so we didn’t have to work so late but still..2am is better than 4am I suppose lol.


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