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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2, Day 140 (Day 214): Thoughts to Paper x Grateful x 臭豆腐 and Homely Food x #SoldierOn x T-21 Days – 6 Nov 2020

wfh diaries smelly tofu

6/11 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Putting my thoughts to paper and drawing up a baseline to-do list last night really helps to clear out the clutter in my mind. So thank goodness I did that last night!

Of course, I know I haven’t covered the entire baseline with my limited experience doing so but having something is better than nothing 🙂

Then you start getting to work.

Some frustrations here and there, a few roadblocks but hey, you take it and you go. It’s T-21 days after all to the show.

What I’m thankful for is everyone behind chipping in one way or another – whether it’s work-wise or at home.

Am grateful.

What was rewarding for me that night was a dinner meet up with dearest Candy. 🙂

Thanks for always taking the time out of your insanely busy schedule for our regular meetups!

We just didn’t expect it to be so crowded EVERYWHERE on a Friday night – like did COVID-19 even happen? Hahahaha.

It was full where we went and all suggested a reservation. Noted with thanks…we shall do that on a Friday night in the future :'(

Nonetheless, we were lucky to spot some empty chairs at Mini Star (HK) Fermented Beancurd and off we went!

This is my second visit here, my first earlier in the year where I tried my first ever 臭豆腐 (smelly tofu) and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Naturally, you must order that la hahahaha.

We also ordered two bowls of noodles to share – the HK cart noodles 车载面, a tomato egg noodles (we wanted sliced fish soup but it was sold out) as well as their golden mushrooms.

Oh and two drinks.

The bill came up to $24, so $12 each which is pretty affordable to the pocket.

No frills and nothing fancy here as you can tell, just homely food and (slightly) better service compared to perhaps Hong Kong per se. HAHHAHA.

Best of all, with wonderful company and conversations that just went on till beyond closing time and the wee hours of the night.

The workaholics as we are then continued the conversation over text on work matters. Who knows what it could spark a next step, but you never know till you try.

Just looking at my calendar, the to do lists for both personal and work related matters, and I sometimes feel that sense of overwhelmingness as I’m just one person to handle them all.

Some things definitely need to take a backseat for now.

More importantly, #soldieron. 💪

*Takes a deep breath.

T-21 days to go.

P.s today’s numbers: 4 new (0 community, 4 imported) and 10 discharge cases.


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