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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2, Day 130 (Day 204): First Visit to Bedok Market Place (Ishiro) x T-30 Days – 27 Oct 2020

wfh diaries ishiro bedok marketplace

27/10 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

What can I say about today?


On a brighter note – today was my first time trying out Bedok Market Place where you can find a hipster / upscale hawker centre on the upper level (no air conditioning).

Don’t expect Kopitiam or hawker prices e.g $3-5 but expect to fork out an average of $8-12 per meal here.

Not cheap, but you’re kinda paying for restaurant-quality food at slightly more pocket-friendly prices without GST and service charge.

Team lunch treat from the boss at the newly opened Japanese place called Ishiro with various Japanese rice bowls and Japanese sides. (Thank you!)

Was rather impressed with their sides tbh. Excellent job done here.

Pity the location of this place is so nondescript – you definitely need a car, or stay within the vicinity to come here as it’s very inconvenient otherwise.

Thanks for the drop off Team! 👍

Back home after today’s meeting and it’s basically works as always.

Today was interesting cos there were alot of long drawn out conversations that happened.

Another late night; and I’m expecting it to be consistent for the rest of the month leading up to my event dates.

T-30 days in exactly 1 month as we speak, and the pressure/stress is rising. Fingers crossed I can make it through.

P.s today’s numbers: 7 new (1 community, 6 imported) and 4 discharge cases.


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