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WFH Diaries (CB Phase 2, Day 38 (Day 112): 就是这样 (This is how it is) – 27 July 2020

27/7 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

To be happy – you need to learn how to take things in stride. Go with the flow and just deal with it and just expect that plans/things can just suddenly change within a blink of an eye.

So cryptic for a Monday’s post no? HAHHAHAHA but okay la, it’s quite true.

In a nutshell – brekkie at Bear’s place and then going home.

Cai png for lunch.

And then my mom made her french toast which I gobbled 3 slices at a go (even though it was superrrrr oily!!) but was yummy.

And getting loads of my work done (I’m happy)!

What’s unexpected today?

Taking the train back to Bear’s place that evening 😭 Yeah.. unexpected disrupted plans for tomorrow but oh well.

What’s constant is my determination to finish my #ChloeTing… eventually! (Suspecting I’ll probably take 50 days+ to finish her 35 day challenge but it’s okay la. At least you complete it, no matter how long it takes heh).

Fruits for the day to end off my Monday right!

And some happy news – finally watching John Wick 3 to make up for everything sucky (plus Bear too) 🙂

P.s today’s numbers: 469 new, 15 imported, 2 community and 171 discharge cases.


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