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WFH Diaries Day 56 (CB Phase 1, Day 15 (Day 71)): First Times x My Grocery Delivery Loot from Sgdelivery.online + UNBOXING VIDEO – 16 June 2020

16/6 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Heh today was a pretty exciting day for me at both work and my personal blog life aside!


  • Sent out my first wider comms update email!

  • Ran my first mini Facebook ad campaign for work (officially!), a small one but a win to me no matter what!


  • Filmed my first grocery haul “unboxing” video just for kicks! As always, I usually am too lazy to edit, so I generally just stitch all of them at a go 😅

Bonus, my mom appears at the end of the video too hahahhaha!

You can also quote “MITSUEKI5OFF” to enjoy 5% off your online groceries with a minimum spending of $30 at sgdelivery.online! Delivery is FREE for orders above $60, $4 for orders between $30-$60 and $6 for orders below $30!

I highly suggest to bulk buy to enjoy the free islandwide delivery service and stock up for the week like what I did!

Too lazy to watch the video?

You can check out my grocery loot in pictures below:

Freshly baked Mumbai Pav (baked on 16 itself!)

Dried goods of penne and sago beans (the latter for my mom)

Fresh Meiji chocolate milk and my daily Yakult for strong bones/teeth and gut health!

Fresh Veggies – Japanese cucumbers and romaine lettuce for my #mitsuekisalads and the Japanese sweet potato for my mom

Fresh Fruits consisting of apples, mangoes, grapes and bananas cos as you know, I MUST HAVE my daily fruits!

And there you have my loot below which I reckon can last me for 4-7 days without stepping out of my house (unless needed) to get groceries and whatsnot.

We may be shifting into Phrase 2 come Friday onwards but to prevent a second round of COVID-19 cases and lock down again like in the case of Beijing; let’s still try our best to #StayHomeStaySafe to reduce the risk of transmission where possible and/or avoid crowded places!

And of course, you can support smaller local brands such as sgdelivery.online to get your groceries as well!

Remember to quote “MITSUEKI5OFFto enjoy 5% off your online groceries with a minimum spending of $30!

Delivery is FREE for orders above $60, $4 for orders between $30-$60 and $6 for orders below $30!

Thanks for sending this over!

Other than the above 2, 2 more things to share before ending off this post!Meet my #mitsuekisalad for the week! This time with otah, gulorou and the reheated KFC fried chicken plus chia seeds as my ingredients.

Can’t live without my meat 🤣😂

Was also a good girl today and completed Day 20 of my #ChloeTing workout! 8 more days to go to finish this set – gogogo and PUSSHHHHHH!!

And that’s all for today’s post!More importantly, thanks always for reading and see ya tomorrow for your usual daily reads!

P.s today’s numbers: 151 new, 2 community (no Singaporeans!), and 797 discharge cases!


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