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Weekends with Mitsueki (CB Phase 1, Day 12 (Day 68)): #FATDIEME Saturday ft TarotaroSG Swiss Rolls x Puffs and Peaks Chocolate Bakes x More – 13 June 2020

This is literally the best way to greet the weekend – a cold, rainy morning while being tucked up in bed.

Suffice to say that I snuggled in pretty much most of the day till I had to get up for lunch at the very least hahhaaha.

TarotaroSG Swiss Rolls

For brunch/lunch, I went ahead to finally try the swiss rolls that I won from a giveaway contest held by a home baker, TarotaroSG!

First round: To try the chilled swiss rolls fresh out of the fridge.

My thoughts?
1. I’m surprised that the strawberry is nice? I usually don’t like it. Some might find the taste a little too artificial though.
2. Nutella was a lil meh. Too light for my taste buds. If they have a super rich chocolate one; I’ll definitely aim for it.
3. The Pandan gula melaka is not badOverall, 不错啦. Very soft and light and not very sweet in my opinion 😄

Second Round: To try the frozen swiss rolls which I placed in the freezer as recommended for a different taste

My thoughts?

  1. I actually enjoyed this version better! Especially because I’m not a cream person per se; but due to the rolls being the freezer = the cream in the swiss roll became almost like ice cream hahahaha so I found it very acceptable

  2. It tastes like frozen pound cake with some ice cream 🤣 But okay la, the fluffy and soft sponge feel is gone.

Conclusion: Nice to have two different textures though.

And those curious about my mom’s verdict: “Okay lor, nothing special.” She says hahahha. Not impressed but passable in a nutshell.

Puffs and Peaks

Today I also finally got my hands on the long awaited pre-order I placed from Puffs and Peaks in my impulsive buys for the month – unfortunately, without their signature doughnuts..but thats okay!

Here’s my freshly baked orders (baked in the early morning!) for $15.50.

  • 1x Soft Chewy Cookie (Sea Salt Chocolate) – $3.50
  • 1x Brookie (Chocolate) – $3.50
  • 1x Fudgey Brownie – $4.50
  • 1x Banana Loaf Slice – $4.00

You might think it looks little but trust me, its ALOT and can be quite gelat as they are quite rich. Suggested to share / cut into pieces.

I cut both cookies into 8 pieces to slowly savour; the banana loaf into 6 pieces and the brownie into 9 pieces.

Loved them all and my favourite will definitely be that dense chocolatey brownie. You can really taste the freshness/richness and quality of the ingredients used in the bakes, verus the ordinary ones you buy from the normal bakeries thus paying a little more in terms of price for it.

Just always rmb this – you pay for what you get 一分钱一分货 luhs. And tbh, not super expensive; pricier for sure but still okay.

I really hope to try their signature doughnuts soon. Fingers crossed!P.s Puffs and Peaks will be opening a retail outlet soon in the East 🙂

Other Food

And the other food I indulged in this Saturday as well?

Fried seaweed chicken.

A cup of NISSIN chilli crab instant noodles.


Gosh, I wasn’t supposed to indulge this weekend considering that I’ve been slacking off and enjoying alot of good food over the last week..rmb my decadent Mao Shan Wang?! Chocolate indulgences and more?! 😭🤦‍♀️

Furthermore, I didn’t do any exercise today to give myself a break even though I’m supposed to be on Day 19/28 of my #ChloeTing challenge.

Oh dear.. oh dear. I’d better make sure tomorrow will be better. And more importantly.. it doesn’t rain again!!

Don’t you feel that you feel more sluggish/less inclined to work out on such rainy days?At least there’s a beautiful view to admire at the end of the day though 😊

In other non related food updates today:

Yayy I finally published my first mitsueki podcast for this year. Lols..it’s a draft I recorded last year though; totally forgot about it!

Listen to it HERE!

And yayyy still playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp! Say hello to many new contacts and Level 63!

That’s all for this Saturday, thanks always for reading!!

P.s todays numbers: 347 new, 5 community, 768 discharge cases and unfortunately, our 26th fatality to date. RIP 🙏


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♥ mitsueki

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