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WFH Diaries Day 32 (CB Day 36): Injecting Positivity x This Cold Storage 有点怪 – 12 May 2020

12/5 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Good morning! So its Day 2 of the #ChloeTing challenge and I’m wondering if I’ll keep this up for today!

Also took my first photo to see if I can compare the difference after 14 days. Not sharing here cos I’m not even sure if I’ll complete it in the first place – but just imagine an overflowing muffin top photo 🤣😭

This Is How You Get Rid of Love Handles or Muffin Top

On that note, speaking of muffins – am hoping to try Uggli Muffins next time~ Heard its pretty good and the uncle is really nice – I.e he recently donated 200 muffins to health care workers on International Nurse’s Day; and it didnt do it for the gram or to get any recognition!

Yep, its uplifting positive news like these that are worth a share and support as well (for the brand!)! 🙂 #supportlocalfnbsg!

And don’t forget to #supportlocalbusinesses as well!

My handsewn mask which I kinda bought on a whim during my recent revenge spending/retail therapy spree finally arrived today in the mail and I cant wait to try it!(:

That aside, its a busy day at work as always (when isit ever not?) including my first ever meeting in a different project team to work on something anddddd today was also the day the XETIS Care Emoji was launched to the public!

Yay!! You can also download the free sticker pack HERE consisting of these XETIS Care emojis to send some adorable virtual love to your friends and family ❤😊

If the inspiration hits, will continue updating this XETIS emoji sticker pack with more designs 😄

Meanwhile, I tried scheduling / reminding myself to attend the BounceFiit Zoom workout but.. I started snacking at 6pm and was too full to do a workout after that = Fail 🤦‍♀️

Ended up working for abit before forcing myself to stop and head out to Cold Storage to buy some groceries!

Today’s MRT ride was just so empty even though it wasn’t very late. It was rather disconcerting..and everywhere was just so quiet as well during this #CircuitBreaker period which is very unlike the usual times in Singapore.

What’s also strange is this particular Cold Storage as I’ve never seen such a mass arrangement of these products for sale / on the shelves as well.

Rows and rows of the same product 🤣

Or these many shopping trolleys either..

Shared this on my IG stories @mitsueki and this incited a bit of laughter 🤣

Well, its also during times like these that we need to inject some positivity yeah?(:

Anyway, errands COMPLETED with my salad, Alison’s Pantry loots and uhm, a sinful treat. #fatdieme

Bonus – I caved in and bought a packet of freshly baked ciabatta loaf (I think its ciabatta?) for $2 from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf just for kicks.

It was totally random becos they set up a little mini bakery takeaway at the front of their shop and I couldn’t resist the freshly baked portion 🤭

Having said all that – guess what?

Day 2 of the #ChloeTingShredChallenge completed!! And I even tried the optional video that she included for this day!!

Died. Really died and I could barely even keep up. In fact, I did mostly the low impact ones or..was just lying down in child’s pose for many of the planking sets cos I was too ded 🤣

But hey, at least I made the effort to try and that counts more than anything!

Jiayou for Day 3 and beyond! 💪💪

P.s today’s cases: 884 new cases and 4 community cases.


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