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WFH Diaries Day 26 (CB Day 24): Reality Check in these Unprecedented Times – 30 April 2020

30/4 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Lol if I thought yesterday and the last week was insane, today definitely takes the cake for now.

Of course, this is also taking into consideration of the short week aka May Day/Labour Day holiday coming up tomorrow..although I highly foresee that many peeps in the company will be working through the public holiday/weekend :/

Again, unsurprising as we are living in very unprecedented times right now due to this COVID-19 situation and we do need to be digitally and forward thinking in our next steps. A very crucial period because we can no longer take a wait and see approach if you don’t take any form of action at all.

Its not going to be an easy journey for sure and everything is very new, very disruptive with new/unknown changes everyday – but we are all in the same boat together navigating through uncharted territories and methodology in order to keep up with the times/stay relevant and more importantly, keep our jobs lol.

On that note, we are not the only ones facing this crisis – the whole country; the whole world is and we just have to figure it out. Somehow.

Afterall, as a reality check – things aren’t going to magically return back to normal immediately after this CB period ends.

Gee, the rainy season with all the thundery showers and lightning is also upon us now and it does reflect the gloomy mood/situation.

Was a little stressed out today and definitely ate more than my usual before feeling all guilty again. :/

*pokes falling blog stats as well. I’m being irrelevant and that’s okay. Heh

On that note, I made two choices today.

  1. In order to retain my images on this blog, I’ve gotta upgrade my Siteground plan (💸) cos after close to 8 years of blogging and almost writing everyday.. I’ve hit my max file space for my plan.

  2. Impulsively bought a handmade reusable face mask – to support a local crafter and also because the government standard issued mask is stuffy/unbreathable.

P.s in terms of cases today – 528 new cases and 9 community 🙂


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