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WFH Diaries Day 13 (CB Day 3): First Virtual Meetup with KC Girls x First 200 Cases – 9 April 2020

9/4 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

I’m thinking yesterday was a fluke cos of the lack of sleep from the night before, but I was back to normal again today after a good night’s sleep (though late again hahahha). But at least I don’t have to wake up so early! Hehe.

Happy that even though I’m working from home, it’s actually moved quite abit today and I think I’m learning while having a spot of fun at the same time(:

Since yesterday I had my first conversation with my new boss, it did spark some ideas and gave me some focus areas/directions to work on.

Afterall, I’m quite new to this industry and job scope, so her guidance and previous experience has been rather fruitful so far. Am looking forward to learning more and hopefully applying it to my current work! 🙏

Am also enjoying working with my designer. Fast, efficient and he kinda gets what I want whenever I see the output. Had fun unleashing some creativity since I’ve got no solid content to play with yet and we’ve already engaged him. Heh, probably am on a slightly creative roll today – and hopefully I’m on track to doing the right thing.

Speaking of which, woohoo, today is a good day as well because all my POs are approved and I can finally start getting some invoices in to pay out to my vendors. Afterall, I am still partly a vendor myself (if you think about it..) and its good if payment is not delayed especially if you’re a freelancer/self employed and depend on this (and/or multiple paychecks).

The only downside for today is I guess – *pokes fats. Definitely gained and I’m not happy about it.

Food still makes me drool though (poor Bear has to put up with my constant spam on Whatsapp all day) 😅

Ye, imagine the above spam x20 😅

What really made my day today was this though – my first ever virtual call with my KC girls that night!

It was wonderful being able to catch up with them and see how they are doing while “dining” together over a Zoom meeting. More importantly, I’m glad all of us are fine and our jobs are still safe even at this point on time 🙏

Random note – I realised that we all have somewhat similar smiles!

Thanks ladies for taking the time out to have a virtual meet! ❤😊

Today was also the day Singapore hit over 200 new cases within a day – mostly due to cluster linked cases exploding at the foreign work dorms.

On a brighter side, at least now something is being done for the FW living and working in Singapore to ensure that they are well taken care of as well. After all, they are the people who built our homes and do all the hard labour for us Singaporeans.

Alrighty, I’m also slowly running out what to say now.. and its only Day 3 of the CB (circuit breaker).

Makes me wonder how my next few weeks will be like.

How about you?

Meanwhile, #StayHomeStaySafe!


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