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WFH Diaries Day 3: If There’s a Will, There’s a Way (10k Steps) x Last Movie Date (For Now) – 25 March 2020

Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore – 25 March 2020

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying – if there’s a will, there’s a way and if you really really try your best; things may happen the way you want it to be!

And what I really want is my $5 voucher and I need to hit 10k steps for 5 days within a week (this means I can only slack off on 2 days) which can be pretty easy enough if you’re out and about and headed to work.

Whats not easy is when you’re working from home and the lazy pig in you takes over.

Oh and I’m sure you know what I mean cos I’m absolutely guilty of the same thing too! 🤣🤣

But it is not today!

This is when I find my $3.50 yoga mat from Decathlon and weights useful (yes, I FINALLY bought the other side!) to keep up my fitness level while hitting my 10k steps while working from home during my self appointed break times. (Eh, surely you can’t expect me to work all day and not take a break right?~)

What I’ve learnt so far: It takes a herculean effort to try to hit 10k steps when you’re home with the limited space you have HAHHAHAHA.

Here’s here’s what I did:

2x 10 minutes workout on the mat

Running up and down on the same mat while listening to gym fitness workout music (10-15 mins)

Swinging my arms vigorously while running around my house (kitchen/bathroom/living room) (10-15 mins)

That totals around to around 3-4k steps after doing all that and I have to say that its one of the most boring workouts ever lol.

However, I would recommend that you do some home exercises when you wfm because if you keep sitting down all day without any movement = this is what you may become….

Unless you’ve got good genes la, which I don’t:(

Luckily, I was heading out after that for a movie date with Bear – probably our last movie date till June or something because with effect from Thursday onwards, all entertainment venues including cinemas, karaoke, clubs/pubs/bars etc have to closed till 30 April.

There’s definitely gonna be an even further economic impact due to this and REITS will definitely drop further. But looking at the bigger picture, this in turn is a hammer being applied to curb this virus spread in Singapore from getting worst or for more potential clusters to appear. So for now, health and safety takes precedent first followed by economical stability.

This is also the time when emergency stashes and emergency savings come into play – rmb all the finance blogs and finance 101 knowledge of saving for a rainy day (at least 6-12 months of your monthly salary)? Yeah, no one wants to dip into the emergency fund but in times like these, you might have to and you can breathe a little lighter if anything happens (choy choy choy of cos)!

That aside, I’m glad we watched a light hearted and feel good comedy movie as our last movie date on this day before the closure 🙂

Moving forward, our movie dates will most likely be movie streaming online in the comfort of home to stay safe as well.

Don’t be sad though, at least we still have food to cheer us up a little and there are plenty of food promos all around 🙂

Support local businesses and food outlets during this point of time and order in!

It was a yummy burger BTW 😄 $6.90 for 2 double mushroom swiss beef burger from Burger King (coupon code!).

To end off the night – I’m really lucky to have Bear accompany me on a night stroll walking all the way home from Stadium all the way home just to clock up my 10k steps; despite a long day out at work for him.

Blessed to have him in my life for sure – and counting all my little blessings 😊

Alrighty, and its an early night for me as I’ll be taking a morning conference call with the team tml morning.

Good night and thanks always for reading!


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