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WFH Diaries Day 2 x Trying the New Nagi Chilli Oil at Ramen Nagi Singapore 🌶🔥 – 24 March 2020

24/3 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Good morning from me to you in the cosy comfort of home as we embark on Day 2 of my first week of working from home! 😀

Its totally enjoyable to be able to sit down and have a cuppa in the comfort of home to start the morning right before leaping back to bed to get back onto work related matters 🙌

The only problem here is trying to find the sweet spot on my bed for the best position possible where you can sit/lie down for a prolonged period of time 🤣

Microwaved Gulourou x salmon flakes x veggies for lunch before heading back to bed for more work till 6pm and bang kang time!

Tuesdays are usually Bear and my movie day dates, but today was a little different as I would be headed out to attend a tasting instead at Ramen Nagi’s relatively new outlet located at ION Orchard (B4-54) together with my SG Lifestyle writer!

I would have to say that ION Orchard is really empty now due to the COVID-19 situation with more people just staying at home verus heading out to shop or eat. Plus ION Orchard being on the tourist belt at Orchard Road + the ongoing travel ban = yeah, let’s just say footfall is pretty impacted for businesses everywhere.

Anyway, we were here to try out the newly launched Nagi chilli oil, touted to add an extra OOM spicy kick to your ramen noodles.

We had a ramen option each – the Original Butao King (original Tonkatsu) for myself and the Red King (spicy Tonkatsu) for my writer alongside with customising our noodle and soup options.

Tip: If you plan on taking photos, opt for the hard noodles as it will get soggy/soft easily.

Don’t forget to request for the special Nagi chilli oil which is not available on the menu! It will be served to your table separately in a saucer like this 🙂

Spicy lovers should definitely opt for the Red King which comes with the default Level 4 or 5 of spice level (Butao Home made fire sauce) in a spicy hot red broth.

BUT if you want to kick up the spicy level a notch, you can do so by adding the Nagi special chilli oil (available only on request). Spot it at the side!

Oh yeah.

Alternatively if you’re a little more wimpy in the spicy game like me, you can always opt for the Original Butao King which comes in the vanilla plain white broth with just a touch of Level 1 (or even 0.5!) Spice Level for the taste.

However, slightly wimpy me opted to try the noodles with the Nagi special chilli oil to test out as well anddd y’know what?

It was actually pretty good and not as spicy as I expected. As such, the rest of the Nagi chilli oil got emptied into my main bowl as well!

Personally, I think the chilli does help to elevate the overall taste of the ramen and broth itself; though I must say that they can be rather heavy handed with the garlic even though I requested for less. Afterall, Ramen Nagi is rather well known for their heavier tasting broths imo.

Nonetheless, all ramen were slurped up between my writer and myself and it was an enjoyable meal overall! 🙂

Do go ahead to try Ramen Nagi and their special Nagi chilli oil if you havent done so yet – and feel free to let me know what you think when you tried it!

P.s this is a media tasting but all opinions are of my own!

Meanwhile, our night didn’t end here as we headed off to Selegie area to walk off some of the calories while catching up.

And boy, I do miss this place a little as this used to be my hood back then when I was working in my old office.

Many many things have changed since then with new restaurants and stalls opening, and closing but at least there are some constants that has weathered through the years.

One example will be Rochor Original Beancurd at this corner of Selegie (opposite Wilkie Edge).

The biggest difference here is the price point (price increased basically) but the crowd and queue never really changed much.

Neither has the taste either – where I had their grass jelly soybean and my writer had the original soybean drink.

Unfortunately, social distancing wasn’t being practiced here with the crowd and all – so to be safe; we opted for a takeaway.

It was also this night when we were quite caught off guard by the official announcement with tightened social distancing whereby all bars and entertainment venues (including movie theatres!) were to be closed till end of next month as well as all events and activities (irregardless of size) were to be cancelled, etc.

Nonetheless, this is eventually for the best as our government tries to contain the possible spread of this COVID-19 virus especially with the increasing rise of interlinked cluster infections; AND worst still – unlinked cases.

It may be slightly scary and dark times to live by now but I’m sure that there will be some hope and rays of light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

Just look at Wuhan and China in general; its hopeful to see that they managed to successfully come out of the darkness and are currently in the recovery phase at this point of time.

The hammer worked for them and its something we all can expect as well to ensure that we eventually rebound and recover at the same time.

(Read about The Hammer and The Dance HERE!)

Meanwhile, just stay safe and keep your hopes up. We’ll all get through this.


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