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WFM Diaries: Official First Day x Snippets of the Day x Aiming for 10k Steps Daily – 23 March 2020

23/3 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

So..its officially our first day of WFM (work from home) for the luckier peeps in Team B as of today – for this week only as we will be headed back to office next week while Team A switches to WFM. Rinse and repeat x indefinitely till this COVID-19 situation improves (and I hope it does for the sake of the world!).

Am not sure how long this system and rotational structure is going to last but its definitely an impact to us all.

I guess my main concern is – how am I supposed to clock up my 10k daily steps now? HAHHAHAHA. This means I definitely have to put in additional effort to ensure that I am able to have a balance of hitting my 10k steps daily somehow and of course, not over-gorge myself during this period of working from home.

Nope, don’t plan on becoming like this by the end of this week 🤣

Jokes aside, wfm doesn’t mean slacking as well la because its technically a workday after all. Its also on this day we were all trying to figure out how we were going to work this out especially for the weekly project meetings and whatsnot.

And tbh, sometimes its better to meet face to face rather than telecommunicating or via Whatsapp/emails though those are my usual preferred modes in other cases 😅

If anything though, I’m blessed and very very lucky and grateful to still be able to hold a job down during these turbulent times.

Just sharing some snippets of my WFM Day 1 including..

Working while having a light brekkie to start off the day right.

Cai png x working lunch date with my favourite gulourou together with Bear who popped by during lunch 😄

Perks of wfm: getting a little too well fed by my mom.

Multi tasking work and finally completing my Black Bullet anime series!

Beautiful views of Singapore and night.

A whole bunch of stairs, stairs and stairs as I walked around the National Stadium in a bid to clock up 10k steps for my AIA Vitality $5 carrot.

Let’s just say that I was a determined little bugger; and I learnt that it’ll take approximately 2 – 2.5 hours of straight walking per day in order to hit the requisite 10k steps.

I felt healthy and good; coupled with a great book and some healthy crunchy apples to end off the night.

But nope, this turned super unhealthy later on when I polished off this packet of chips instead 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

So much for self control 😭😭

Anyone feels me too? Lol.

Alrighty, and that’s all for today! Thanks always for reading and see ya tomorrow for tomorrow’s WFM diaries!


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