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Cheap Thrills x Operation Save Money & Eat Healthy Mode Begins Monday – 16 March 2020

16/3 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Did the weekend just fly again just like that? Lol did and its back to work once again on a Monday.

I figured that we would be staying in this temporary office for quite awhile now with the COVID-19 virus situation getting worst and worst every single day. Its kinda scary because Malaysia announced their lockdown later that night.

All travel plans kinda flew out of the window for this year and you don’t even want to book anything because its gonna be difficult to even get a date change or refund with the number of people calling up the airlines call centre and whatsnot.

Nonetheless, I still have a couple of days leave to use that I was really hoping for .. Guess its time to stay in Singapore all the way till then.

Not that its a bad thing thing tbh, because you can save quite a bit of money by not traveling and hold on to the cash while waiting for the right opportunity to enter the market and (hopefully) hold and profit. Yep, at this point of time = cash is king afterall.

Oh wells, at least to make myself happier – I spruced up my office space a little to make my life here a little more comfortable.

  • Snacks – check
  • Cooling mat – check
  • A couple of jackets – check
  • My big ass water bottle – check

Yeah, the essentials basically.

Am also on a save moolah mode at this point in time being surrounded by relatively expensive food around my workplace so was all about cheap thrills and saving costs!

After all, every few dollars saved now can go towards a bigger fund if you think about it hehe.

Here’s my prepacked lunch / dinner featuring Bear’s mom’s homecooked food of mee sua and handmade meat tau pok.

Just didn’t expect that I overpacked so the portion was actually sufficient for a heavy lunch and a lighter dinner after – of cos, only after popping it for a quick round in the microwave.

How convenient.

Cost: $0

I did however, fall prey to snacking once again AND used this opportunity to clock up my 10k steps to head to the 7-11 to pick up this pack of raisins.

Cost: $1.50

As always, Mondays are usually reserved for Monday KillerBurn classes with Jae at my usual studio and phew, was it a mean workout.

They have also stepped up measures to ensure the safety of the members and attendees which is great. Yep and I guess I’ll not be traveling so soon because you’ll be banned from attending classes here if you returned from an overseas trip (irregardless of where you visited).

Nonetheless, it was still a relatively full class on this day!

Oh yes, remember that I was working/walking my butt off for the last few days to clock up my 10k steps in order to get my $5 AIA Vitality carrot?

Well, this is it. I made it. Heh and huge thanks to Bear for doing it with me over the weekend – we managed almost to clock over 10k steps daily even during our staycation days 🙂

P.s in case you havent read it yet, here’s my #weekendswithmitsueki series for last weekend on what we did, where we ate and explored on our usual #grizzlypandadates! Of cos, last week was a little more special because it was Bear’s birthday!

Oops sorry for the digress but anyway, the main point here is that I was able to redeem my $5 Cold Storage voucher and yayyy, half my meal is covered!

Salad bar with 5 toppings including a meat option with my favourite snacks from Allison’s Pantry as well as this wheat biscuit that looks rather legit (plus on clearance sale).

Cost: $7

Call it cheap thrills or whatsnot but it was a DAMN shiok/satisfying feeling seeing all those discounts especially after making a conscious effort daily to hit my 10k steps over the last few days.

Gonna keep going cos this in turn helps me to offset some of my grocery costs as well; while at the same time walking more = lose weight so it’s a win win situation yay! 🙂

Ending this off with my late night food preps and portioning for work tomorrow.

Operation save money, eat healthy mode continues!

P.s also decided to incorporate more carbs into my diet now as well, hence the pasta option as you can see.

Alright, thats all for this post and thanks always for reading~


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