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WFM Diaries: Bedside Calls x Door Trades x Progress is Good – 26 Feb 2020

Said it yesterday and gonna say it again.

It sucks to be sick.

And its not all fun and games to be on MC when you have some important meetings to attend at work..

Well, thank goodness for technology so you can always call in la – which is exactly what I did for this morning = attending my weekly project meeting via a conference call/speaker.

Not bad, that was my first time and it was kinda cool to be laying comfortably in bed in your PJs while taking the call tbh HAHAHHAHA 😂😂

My current work setup from home is rather reminiscent of last year when I was on my self-employment route for awhile, but boy, am I glad that I currently hold a full-time job now..especially with the current crisis affecting the world and Singapore in general.

News and talk about salary freezes, frozen hiring, pay cuts, asking employees to take unpaid leave and even retrenchment is scary indeed. So yeah, if you have a job, better try to keep it for now during this time (unless you’re really lucky to find something better). Otherwise, stay low, do a good job and not give anyone a reason to let you go.

The unfortunate truth: We all need that salary and $ after all. #reality

Anyways, onwards to some lighter things to share about my day today –

Bear dropped by for a visit with gifts from his family (and him as the delivery guy)!

Of course, no physical contact as a just in case precautionary measure naturally.

My trade at the door.

His trade at the door.

What was unexpected was also a phone call from his mom to check up on me on this day.

How blessed :’)

Not forgetting my own mom who was at home making sure that I was well fed for the entire day with homecooked food and plenty of snacks so I never went hungry. I’m very very lucky.

Also happy to share that I’ll be embarking on an upcoming collaboration with a brand very soon, which kinda came as a surprise for me as most companies would be cutting down or be extremely conservative with their marketing budget/spending during this period. Nonetheless, this is a brand that I’ve worked with a couple of times over the years and I’m looking forward to our next collaboration together to solve some of my pain points. Stay tuned for that 🙂

Still not in the best/most prime condition – but this doesn’t mean that I won’t do anything productive for the day! Some office work from home, my own personal affairs and planning (omg I’m excited to finally firm up the plans heehee!! And no, it’s not travel related sadly 😔) and of course, making sure that this blog has its regular updates on a daily basis 🙂

Plus why not multitask with some anime at hand too? :p

Defo not the most productive day but I’m just glad to see things moving; even if its just by a tiny inch because this means progress.

And as you know – progress is always good 🙂

You’ll get there, and so will I! Fighting! 😊❤


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♥ mitsueki

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