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Wanders around Crawford Lane x Golden Mile x Haji Lane x Beerthai House Restaurant Food Review – 23 Feb 2020

Welcome to another #weekendswithmitsueki series and yep, it was once again a day of exploration for Bear and myself!

Have you read about yesterday’s eventful exploration yet?

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But first, a blessed lunch of homecooked food from my mom – a good ol’ Cantonese soup that has been boiled for hours, thank you mom!

Next, a taste test of the Ang Ku Kueh that we bought from Kuehs and Tarts at Alexandra yesterday.

Our verdict? Great filling, but the skin was just too thick and doughy/dense to fully enjoy. Not sure if it’s because the kuehs are as such or because we were eating it a day late verus having it fresh on the day itself.

Nonetheless, would want to head back to Ji Xiang again for a taste test! Meanwhile, another friend recommended me to try the other homemade ang ku kueh store at Poh Cheu or Lina Confectionary in the vicinity which are touted to be the top 3 ang ku kueh stalls in Singapore alongside Ji Xiang.

Our next stop was to explore Golden Mile Complex but because of free parking Sundays, we parked at the nearby HDB lots and took a nice jaunt along the way.

Not that I’m complaining but it does help to kill off some calories and brings us to new places to explore and walk around on foot.

Our exploration took us to Crawford Lane where we stumbled onto the famous Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle – the famous 1 Michelin star bak chor mee with never-ending queues, to other famous cafes, Sultan Plaza, checking out the rather sad strata mall (City Gate)..though not as bad as the other strata mall we visited at Little India.

Oh and Golden Mile Food Centre as well where we almost stopped for the chicken claypot rice and my favourite Ah Balling.

Luckily we didn’t because we finally made it to our original destination – Golden Mile Complex!

It was quieter than usual due to the virus but the food places (mookata and the like) were still as crowded. Wasn’t ready to have a meal yet so we took this time to walk around the place and check out the Thai supermarket on the 2nd level.

Honestly speaking, it did feel as if I was back in Thailand for abit when you spot all these Thai “street food” vendors outside the supermarket and all around – except the prices are are significantly more expensive of course.

We then left the supermarket with this drink as our only loot.

Dinner was then settled at Beerthai House Restaurant hidden way behind at Level 1 and what a gem it was!

Just sharing some menu prices for your reference, not the cheapest considering that a soup or a curry is from $12 for a S portion but all the food are good for sharing.

Here’s what we ordered in the end:

Crab fried rice – $6

Authentic and tasty. Now if only there’s sambal chilli to go with it. Also just missing nice wok hei char to make it perfect. Nonetheless, will return for it!

Tom Yum seafood soup (clear) – $12

Not too shabby with abit of sour kick, could do with more ingredients but we have to note that the sotong used were not the freshest. Will try the milk version next time!

Beef Noodles – $5

Great broth and extremely authentic and it came served with a big plate of fresh taogey vegetables. Bear enjoyed slurping up the noodles while I spammed the taogey and broth. Best paired with the accompanying crushed peanuts and sugar.

Drinks (Thai Iced Tea and Lime Juice @ $1 each) – $2

$1 each is reasonable and we both enjoyed our respective drinks each 🙂

There’s no GST nor service charge here so the total cost of the meal was $25 for 2 ($12.50 if you split the cost) and it was worth it for the entire meal above – agree?

Most importantly, it was delicious, tasted really authentic and it reminded me so much of Thailand! Not forgetting enjoying this feast with the best company naturally:p

We will definitely be back here again next time for sure!

Meanwhile, to kill off some calories from this feast – we continued our night stroll towards Bussorah Street / Baghdad Street where you can find plenty of Lebanese cuisine, the Malayan Council and this halal Muslim cake shop called Julie Bakes.

Will be back for the cakes in the future as they looked so good!!

Finally, our stroll brought us to Haji Lane and then up North Bridge Road before ending up back at the carpark where it all began.

And that’s the end of our #grizzlypandadate for this Sunday!

Thanks always for reading and see ya tomorrow for your usual #chroniclesofatypicalofficeladyinsingapore series once again!


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