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Tuesday Musings – 4 Feb 2020

4/2 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Nothing much to blog about here for today since its your ordinary work day! But I guess the key difference on this day is a change in my workspace earlier in the morning.

Nope, wasn’t deskbound this morning at my usual office but hanging at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf instead cos #meetings. Heh, it’s during these days when you kinda miss the freedom of being a freelancer / self employed life aka digital nomad. Still, not complaining cos at least I still can occasionally do this 🙂

Here’s le ootd for the day before heading back to office for proper work! Heh the color, green is slowly growing on me now 🙂

Came back to a lovely surprise waiting for me at my desk with a little parting gift and thank you card from one of interns as it was her last day tomorrow.

It’s always sad saying goodbye to familiar faces and I’m gonna miss her sweet smile and face around. Have just said goodbye to Fatini earlier in the year, now Litong and the rest of the interns next week – but as you know, this is all part and parcel of life after all. Thank goodness for social media ya?

Thank you and goodbye :’)

All the sad goodbyes aside, at least you must find a good cause for celebration such as birthdays! Hehe that’s why I love birthdays so much as it brings much joy to everyone!

Here are some birthday preps for tomorrow – happy early birthday to Adel~

*disclaimer: my only contribution was just the collection of one of the cakes hahahha!

Also taking this downtime/me time when Bear is away for his reservist to keep up that fitness routine at my usual gym over at!

231 Mountbatten Road, Block D, Urban Mangrove Singapore 397999 (OFFICE: #02-02)

Hehe..your metabolism rate drops as you age so you’ll find that you will need to work even harder to shed off that weight! I do have a goal in mind for the year that I want to achieve and I really hope I’ll be able to accomplish this properly.

It’s hard when temptation is all around though, agree?

Not pictured: me gorging on a packet of M&Ms, corn chips, a full packet of biscuits and finishing my rice.

*pinches irritating roll of fats. Begone you! 😭😂


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