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BCX Team CNY Gathering – 1 Feb 2020

Heh, with our super late night/morning the day before (crashing at around 5-6am+ respectively), it’s no surprise that we woke up late on this Saturday erm, afternoon!

Okay la, more like it was me paying off the accumulated sleep debt on top of that late night over the weekdays as well.

Bear on the other hand, was also still working that morning when I took a sneak peek.

It’s always a blessing when you can have homecooked food at home and that’s what we enjoyed for lunch on this day 🙂

Once again, nothing fancy but something easy and simple to whip out for 4 thanks to Bear’s mom! I always feel so lucky to be able to partake in these meals together:)

What’s better?

Conversations over/after the meal with some snacks and such with devices off (except for this one picture taken for recording purposes!) and just pure talk. It was good 🙂

I had plans afterwards with a CNY gathering at our boss’s place with the team hehe.

Indeed, it’s nice that he opened his place to us for visiting, food, playing games and to collect his red packet HAHHAHAHA.

Thanks for the food and lohei!

And red packet too 😆

Seeing your colleagues at work daily for work purposes verus having fun in a social setting is definitely a different feeling but okay la, cos #teambonding right?

Plus it was quite fun to play games together in a social setting as a group and we had a few set ups all around the place!

The kid friendly games and console side.

The more intellectually stimulating game that we played!

And then ban luck. #HUATAH!

Didn’t win a single cent and lost but okay la, we played small like 20 cents per bet so it was so biggie. Guess it goes to show that I shouldnt invest this year:p

Most importantly, it was a great time with my new BCX fam at work!

Till our next gathering!

Bonus photo 😊


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