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Day 3 CNY 2020 Daughter Duties x Praying to Taisui x Me Time – 27 Jan 2020

Time flies literally and within a blink of an eye – it’s the third day of Chinese New Year and we have to head back to office again right after that. Have you been reading the daily posts so far?

Nonetheless, Chinese New Year is all about family duties and commitments and so today – it’s all about fulfilling the annual daughter duties.

Yep. Say hello to the designated driver for the day as we headed over to my aunt’s place for the annual gathering that morning!

Oh and here’s my ootd for the day! Nope, nothing red today but blue!(:

The usual buffet spread from Neo Garden – not bad!

And conversations over lunch!

What I was most excited for was the unexpected set up of the “gambling table” – my first and only gamble for the year!

Of course it’s nice to win, but I didn’t didn’t and that’s fine. Afterall, it’s more of having fun together rather than winning la because 自己人 (family).

Our bets were also pretty small, starting from $1 to a maximum of $6 so it’s not so painful to the pocket if the banker loses 😂 #stillpainfulthough

Just know when to stop and it’s all good :p

Meanwhile, while its a gambling den on one area, the other side is where the non-gamblers and older generation were happily conversing together.

It’s a nice sight ya? 🙂

We didn’t stay on for too long since we wanted to make our way down to Guan Im Tng Temple for the usual praying of taisui! Actually, this practice for my mom and I only originated around two years ago as we never really did so previously. Read about it HERE!

Still, it’s always nice to be able to receive some blessings or wards against any bad stuff in the New Year so why not ya?

For your reference, there’s plenty of parking next to Guan Im Tng Temple so it’s pretty convenient. Note that the carpark is open air so bring an umbrella to shield you from the sun/rain.

In our case, it was raining that day so no burning was done!

Anyways, praying to taisui is quite easy. All you have to do is head into the temple where there are tables set up and pay the necessary amount ($10 for individuals and $15 for family), write your Chinese name (in Chinese characters) and tell them youe birthday (or even better, your Chinese birthday) and you will get a slip of paper and the necessary to get blessed by the temple’s monks.

After that, head over to one of the monks who will bless you accordingly in a simple ritual. You can also ready a red packet as well for the blessing 🙂

Just remember to return thanks at the end of the year 🙂

Other than that, you can also purchase one of these lights (different colours for the zodiacs) for prayer purposes ($3 each)!

I bought one for myself and Bear while mom got herself a light as well. Note that it’s kinda better to pay for your own verus paying for your parents/or a person’s behalf (this belief depends on individuals!).

Just light it up with the candles and leave it at the corner and they will be taken care of by the temple (including prayers!). 😊

May 2020 be smooth sailing and lucky for everyone including you and me!

Meanwhile, its #metime for the rest of my CNY Day 3 so that Bear and I could just chill and settle our own respective things instead of meeting.

My down time includes ..

Reading a book + snacking alot (not pictured).

Napping + waking up and feeling fat = working out for abit.

Packing my bags for the week ahead anddddd .. start working on the slides that I procrastinated on for the entire CNY period.



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