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Double Reunion Binge-Feast (A CNY Eve Edition!) – 24 Jan 2020

24/1 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Did you have to work on CNY Eve this 2020? For most office peeps, it’s usually a must, though we tend to get off work early on a half day basis~

Just glad I managed to clear some stuff before rushing home for the first reunion meal of the day!

Round #1 – Reunion Lunch

Boy did my mom prep a feast for our reunion lunch this year!

She cooked her own rendition of pencai.

Plenty of prawns.

Fried chicken.

And we also had an entire duck and char siew which I ordered from Roast Paradise!

*Thanks mom! 😊

This pretty much explains Bear’s food coma right after.

And we were supposed to work 😂

What warms my heart that day 😊

Bonus – my mom’s amazing homemade jelly!

Blessed life 🙂

Round #2 – Reunion Dinner

Yep that was just round 1 because guess what? It’s time for Round #2 of our reunion meals for this day – this time with Bear’s fam for steamboat!

We pre-empted them in advance not to prep so much food cos of the super heavy lunch we had earlier on so this was a much smaller/scaled down and healthier version.

Granted, there were some processed food as well but I’m just glad to see all them healthy veggies at the same time rather than fried/heavier food.

The broth was excellent as well and I actually went for 3 servings of “soup” – a yuzu hot pot (bonito) broth!

Thank you! 🤗

Round #3: CNY Countdown

This was rather unexpected where I joined Bear’s fam to Chinatown (again) as they wanted to soak in the festive cheer and check out for any last minute CNY deals!

The crowd for today was much better than yesterday; but still not as crowded as the past few years.

Fireworks were also pretty meh here compared to the New Year countdown fireworks we spotted at Our Tampines Hub but it was a sight to see nonetheless.

What’s insane here will be crazy slashing of prices on the last day!

And that mad mad rush from the crowd trying to get their hands on the loots before they were sold out.

Some examples?

– An entire carton of mini oranges for $2.

– Pineapple tarts for $2!

– A bag of mixed jelly (at least 50 pieces inside) for $10

– 2 cartons of sunflower seeds for $10

– A whole bag of peanuts for $1

And many many more.

Its definitely most worth to come on the last day and before closing time (around midnight) to whack everything before its all gone.

My first CNY Eve experience at Chinatown and I guess it won’t be my last in the future heh.

Note: It’s quite crowded so you’ll need to take care of your belongings etc!

And that’s it for my CNY Eve for 2020😊 Hope you had a great one this year as well!

Meanwhile, that’s all for this post and thanks always for reading!


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