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Bearniversary: Couple Yoga x Hotpot x Beef Wellington Dream Fulfilled – 28 Dec 2019

Today’s a really special day, but first – let’s start this off with a super unglam photo of me in my awful attire cos I forgot to bring my yoga pants for class 🤦‍♀️

Bear on the other hand, remarked I look like a Japanese female soccer player – apparently I just need the soccer shoes to pull this off.

Hello. No?!

Nonetheless, we made it for our first Anti-Oxidant Hot Slimming Yoga together at Real Yoga.

More importantly, we survived. Okay, more like I survived cos Bear’s a bigger yogi practitioner compared to me HAHHAHA.

Wells, we exercise to eat.

In this case, it’s a homecooked hotpot/steamboat. Yum yum!

This man of mine later surprised me with his Bearniversary gift to me and I was just utterly, UTTERLY taken back/stunned to oblivion.

Guess he wasn’t kidding when he said I might be shocked but ye, he was so right.

And my present to him? Hahahaha not sharing muahahhahaha 🙊

Literally changed bags immediately as we dressed up for dinner later on cos duh!

Heh, once again, I know it was meant to be a surprise but I kinda predicted where he was going to bring me alrdy.

Still, being here is surreal cos this is a place I’ve been waiting to try for a long, long, long time. Or more specifically, the beef Wellington from Bread Kitchen opened by Gordon Ramsay!

Yep, I still recall watching one of the episodes which featured Gordon Ramsay making his signature Beef Wellington dish when I was younger, and have since then, always wanted to try.

Childhood (teenage?) Dream finally fulfilled after so many years thanks to Bear 😭😭😭

(Okay la, I was planning to pay and dine here on my own in 2020 or smth on a #treatyoselfday, but I guess this came earlier :))

There are two levels to Bread Kitchen and we were assigned the upper level with the view to the Bayfront. Reservations highly recommended especially on a weekend as there was a snaking queue. Note that they close at 2am on Saturday if I recall right 🙂

Here’s the menu for your reference. Tbh, the prices are relatively decent for the MBS area, other than the beef Wellington which is on the slightly pricier side (worth it).

Complimentary starter bread. I thought it was very meh, though the foccacia was decent. The butter shone through though.

Our Beef Wellington ($80). Don’t be fooled that there are only 3 slices and these are HUGE slices. Best paired with the red wine jus that comes along with it. It also comes with glazed carrots (yums), mashed potato (good) and seasonal veggies (kale, in this case).

We thought the highlight was definitely the fillet, not the crust as the latter was actually quite soggy, maybe from the pate. It came to a point where we later just removed the entire crust and ate only that amazing beef – yums.

It could also be the fault of the dry aged beef burger ($29) we also ordered that had us stuffed to the brim.

This was an okay burger, but paled in comparison to the beef fillet in the wellington. Fries were too thick cut for my liking (personal preference). We had slight regrets ordering this as we should have gone with perhaps a different meat option.

Still, that was ALOT of carbs if you think about it and we were STUFFED silly. So much so that we cancelled our dessert / milkshake order after that.

Bear however, couldn’t resist the complimentary chocolate chips cookie given to every table. He really like ’em! Think it goes $12 per small jar if I’m not wrong, which isn’t too bad.

Overall, will we be back here at Bread Kitchen?

Perhaps. If so, for the Beef Wellington for sure and we’ll probably get something else other than the beef burger. Hurhur.

Nonetheless, this is ticked off my to-try list thanks to Bear. I’m very very blessed.

Hurhur and even with food coma descending on us, we still took this time to walk around the vicinity of MBS – right to this particular spot where it all began.

It was a beautiful night, all in all 🙂

Happy Bearniversary, with more to come ☺️🐻


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