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Me Time / Disconnection / #HermitAtHome Rest Days – 18 Dec 2019

Three cheers for being on leave today and being able to sleep in ALL the way to recover the sleep debt accumulated during the last 3-4 days of my Bangkok trip!

Have you read it yet?

4D3N Bangkok Fruitful (14 – 17 Dec 2019)

More importantly, it’s DAMN shiok to enjoy lying in bed the full day to rest up and also complete writing this travelogue.

Mm, time really flies when you’re having fun but yeah, reality does set in again at the thought of heading back to work tomorrow 😢

Luckily it’s still the festive season/period so it’s not that bad yet.

I’m just glad to have my own much needed me-time/down/#hermitathome time where I can focus on relaxing and enjoying my solo me time.

Idk, I do enjoy company etc, but I really need my own solitary moments where I retreat in my own world in that hermit mode, especially to indulge in writing. Heh this means taking myself offline as well, so my socials are quite quiet during this period as I don’t want to be disturbed by any factors, be it work/personal related stuff.

Yep, you need to have days like these once in awhile. Not the full day la, but even half the day is good enough. I think it’s also essential for mental health to disconnect once in awhile.

Lol this means crawling out of bed at 5pm btw LOL. 😂😂


And just chilling and getting ready for the rest of the weeks to come.

It was a perfect rest day all in all, just wished it was a little longer.

Oh wells~ 🙂


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