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Day 2 Bangkok Fruitful: Ekkamai x W Market x Asiatique x Patpong – 16 Dec 2019

Day 2 in Bangkok started off right – sleeping in without an alarm while on a holiday.

Fulfilling domestic duties for my bear as he needs his coffee intake every morning 🙂

Pairing it with that amazing baklava we bought from Nana last night! It was crispy, flaky and absolutely delicious even after an entire night!

Icing my ankle which hasn’t fully recovered yet :/

Have you read my previous posts yet?

Our itinerary for this day was pretty simple/chill. First up, was to hop onto the BTS to Ekkamai to visit one of my favourite shopping malls, Gateway Ekkamai.

To sum up the mall, it’s a small mall with Japanese vibes since Ekkamai / Thong Lor area are full of Japanese expats and the like. As such, expect plenty of Japanese restaurants all around!

We settled for Sukiya in the end because I couldn’t say no to one of my favourite beef gyudon places and I wanted to see if the standard was on par with the ones in Japan.

Prices are also very affordable by Bangkok/Singapore standards as you can get a full set like this for less than 200 baht each!

Bear and I ordered the same set, but with different toppings and sizes. His is the L size with a kimchi add-on while mine was S size with a cheese add-on.

Definitely worth it as the full set comes with the beef gyudon with an Onsen egg, chawanmushi, potato salad, side dish of corn and seaweed, miso soup as well as one side dish (choice of fish/chicken kaarage/gyoza).

Portions are substantial as well, you should have seen the pasta portions!

Nonetheless this whole meal kept us really really full for a couple of hours where there was no way we could indulge in any other street food or snacks.

Sigh, resistance to all the yummy food around was so difficult. But okay la, we did buy a couple of packaged ones back such as the nuts and mini curry puffs (all very yum!!).

We also ended up doing abit of supermarket shopping at the MaxValu supermarket at the basement.

Surprisingly, I also managed to do some shopping here – picked up a new dress as well as a basic (and decent) blazer here for only 300 baht! Very affordable!

Headed back to our apartment after this shopping trip to dump our stuff and we decided to take this opportunity to check out W Market located behind our condo.

Ye, it was a toss up between W Market and traveling down to Chinatown which was my original plan, but the former won instead due to the time/location factor!

No regrets though as I really loved the vibes of W Market! It’s basically an open air food place where you can get your hands on various options – Thai food, burgers, pizza, Japanese food, BBQ ribs, Pinoy food (if I recall right) and many more.

Best paired with beer naturally.

The crowd here is good and relatively well heeled I would think – both local Thais and expats.

I know we’re in Thailand and we just had Japanese food as our main lunch earlier on. However, I couldn’t resist the lure of an American grilled cheese sandwich from this popular food truck called AwesomeSauce.

We had the fat bull cheese (160 baht) which was supposed to be bbq beef with bbq sauce with 3 cheddar cheese and mozzarella sandwiched between sourdough bread. This came with two dips – a wasabi mayo I think and some chilli if I recall right.

It was good, my (and Bear’s!) first time having grilled cheese sandwich and we loved it! It could do with more bbq sauce though as it was a little dry. Can’t fault the cheese pull at all however – loved it! Shall head back to Singapore to see if we can find a better one, but this was pretty decent by our standards! Recommended to try 🙂

Next up on our itinerary was to make a trip down to Asiatique – The Riverfront as Bear has never been there before.

We went by the usual route of taking the BTS down to Saphan Taksin before hopping onto the free shuttle boat to Asiatique.

For your reference, you can also take a free shuttle boat from here to ICONSIAM as well, before the BTS is ready.

Views are gorgeous by the Chao Phraya river, even for a 10 minute boat ride 🙂

Asiatique is definitely a beautiful place to visit in Bangkok, gorgeous architecture, chill vibes and slightly high end/upscale shopping areas.

There are also a couple of attractions here including the largest ferris wheel in Bangkok, a spooky mansion ride and a carousel.

In terms of food, expect tourist trap / marked up prices all around – a price you need to pay at such touristy areas.

And we did pay la (or more like, Bear did :p) to satisfy my craving for a Thai chocolate banana prata from this random food stall.

Hehe, happy girl with my prata, I’m very blessed indeed! ☺️

Hehe and also, once again – our night didn’t end here.

The basic gist of the conversation went like this:

Bear: Babe, you up for Patpong?

Me: Why not?

So once again, we were off to another illicit adventure to a red light district in Bangkok. Yesterday was Nana, and tonight, Patpong.

In terms of location, Patpong is a short cab ride away from Asiatique so if you actually have time, you can pop by Patpong Night Market for shopping/food WHILE checking out the *ahem street/night life happening at the same vicinity.

Not sure if this is a dying culture in Bangkok already but it was a quiet night at Patpong. Perhaps it was the timing (we were there around 12.30-1am) or the fact that it was a Monday night, but there weren’t many tourists nor locals on the streets compared to the touts/girls/men.

Patpong is also definitely more seedy/dirtier (literally) compared to Nana. Plenty of potholes, run down places that has seen better days and quite a number of roaches around. There are loads of touts approaching you to watch the infamous ping pong shows and there was one with an SM show as well.

Otherwise, as you walk along the streets, you can peek into the bars etc where all the Thai girls are standing on the pole/stages flaunting their scantily clad toned bodies/legs. Of course, don’t take too long a look la, just quickly glance as you walk.

There’s also a whole street devoted to men, rainbow pride/LGBT and the like. Definitely a rarer sight you don’t see very often in public and very interesting experience overall.

What’s best? A couple of street food all around and Bear and I were snacking on fruits as we strolled around this red light district.

We also stumbled onto a 24 hour supermarket / restaurant called Foodland / Took Lae Dee restaurant respectively and went to check it out.

It was a nice surprise to find some interesting finds here and Bear couldn’t resist trying out this coffee.

On the other hand, I was drawn to the pretty vintage tins of the Van Houten Cocoa and other teas.

Our wanders also took us to this other street where the clubs seem to be catered towards Japanese expats instead. There also a number of ramen joints that open till late (till 2am!) within this vicinity as well as a couple of street food vendors.

We ended up chilling at a 7-11 and chatted till the wee hours as well. It’s crazy that we had to be up in the early morning to check out the next day.

Time really flies when you’re having so much fun on a holiday huh?

What I never expected was to be on an adventure with Bear and making so many new experiences in Bangkok together 🙂

It’s been fun, but guess what? That’s not the end of my Bangkok trip just yet!

Stay tuned to tomorrow for my final and last day – coming to you at 12.28pm GMT+8!

4D3N Bangkok Fruitful (14 – 17 Dec 2019)

Most importantly, thanks for reading! 🙂


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