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Musings of a Greenhorn – 21 Nov 2019

Thursday morning be like.. slight RBF on in the morning.

Summoning a forced smile-ish at peeps through the tiredness.

I keep telling myself it’s gonna be worth it in the end, but idk how long more I can last.

Sometimes I do despair heading off to work knowing that I’ll have to face the list of to-do things that needs to be cleared and it’s pretty much never ending.

Guess I’m just lacking enough sleep (or nutrients?).

Can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since the original marketing lead left, and about 3 weeks since I started my OT days from my handover.

Remember back then, I was at a download speed of 5%, 10% etc? That was just a few weeks back before I had, but no choice to take the ball and run with it. Doubt I’m at 100%, but I’m pretty sure I’ve moved up to at least 50-55% by now?

There are still many things I’m not sure of, where I work a little slower = hence the OT as well cos I’m just able to catch up to speed perhaps?

The back to back day meetings don’t help either hahaha so that’s why you pretty much only can do most of your work after 6 where there are no interruptions and whatsnot. Hahaha but our project chat group goes on and on and on even till the wee hours of the morning cos yep, ALL of us are in this together.

The team should be pretty used to it (the hours/pressure/stress) being in this business for so long. But for this greenhorn, aka me? Hurhur, not so much.

Nonetheless, the last push before the show in exactly..

7 days.

4 working days.

Definitely can’t afford to fall sick during this period. 😷 SG Lifestyle and even this blog plus all my socials have been taking a backseat to my show.

It’ll be worth it ye.

Not that I’m not proud of what I’ve been doing, am doing, have done and still doing. I am hahaha.

Just sometimes you kinda question yourself. Do you feel the same way too?


21/11 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore

Ironically however, I was pretty pumped up when I reached office.

Had our first site briefing before I ventured off to Our Tampines Hub (OTH) to run some errands and pick up lunch.

Was my first time trying out the newly launched $5.90 Subway options and it was alright.

Otherwise, not much to say other than..well, it’s a long long working day.

Tired, but still pressing on.

SG Lifestyle is taking a backseat for this week (again, for twice in a row) for work but I’m lucky and blessed to be able to get some help there so..luckily that’s covered.

I’m glad for my team.

Afterall, no wo(man) is an island 🙂

P.s first time doing up my own briefing slides!



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