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Overcoming Socially Awkward Me x First Time at K.Star Karaoke Suntec City – 13 Oct 2019

My Sunday was initially packed to the brim, but well – things happened so the earliest event was moved down instead.

That’s good news cos I get to sleep in a little more, and even had time to devour a book just before leaving for my TCM slimming appointment at Han Dian TCM over at Yishun! 😀

The only problem?

I ate quite abit for lunch, including scoffing down two packets of biscuits prior. 😅Hurhur, so came the moment of truth as I stepped on the weighing scale and oof, it went down by 100g! Heng ah!

Okay la, I’m happy to see a little improvement.

More importantly, I guess cutting down on the calories will really work, though I didn’t fully 100% follow through it especially from the 4th day onwards. Lol, it’s not easy to curb cravings hor.

Well, gonna try again for next week. This time attempting to have sufficient sleep, continue the calorie deficit diet and working out!

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But.. it is not today because it’s cause for celebration this Sunday! Lol, to be frankly honest – I was quite apprehensive actually, because I would be attending a party/gathering alone where idk anyone.

Of course technically, I have my friend, but as the host/birthday girl, you can’t expect to be sticking by her all the way right?

Hehe, cues social awkward me.*

Now about you?

But okay la, I realized if you head to a party with the intention of having fun and not focus on the awkwardness – you’ll ACTUALLY have fun! Of course at the start you might feel awkward la. But just look around, admire the AWESOME party set up, relax, write some birthday wishes and have some food at the start to warm yourself up.

And you’ll slowly find yourself easing into the party, even if you don’t strike up any new conversations and the like.

Yep, so basically Candy booked out one of the VIP rooms at the newly opened K.Star Karaoke over at Suntec City for her big 30 party! (And also because she loves K!)

It comes equipped with MULTIPLE karaoke screens, an open mic spot in the middle, plenty of seats and a darts area. In addition, if you’re throwing a party, they will throw in some free party props such as balloon decorations and the like!

Of course, to go all out, you can also rent out other party props like what Candy did!P.s they have many thematic rooms as well, I peeked into a few including a Doraemon themed room, Sesame Street and more!

However, they didn’t really have food options so she specifically ordered catering for us all(:

And of course, her own cake from Antoinette, a really pretty lychee rose cake!

Now for the birthday cake cutting ceremony! Woohoo!

Look at the gorgeous birthday girl! 😘

Candle blowing x MULTIRACIAL birthday songs (English-Chinese-Malay-Korean) hahaha!~

Phototaking time!

And and and, a Halloween themed pinata for the birthday girl to whack out her anger!

Apparently quite scary at the start.

Then she got mad and started throwing it and ripping it apart with her bare hands. Yes you read that right, with her BARE HANDS.

In a nutshell, don’t play play.

Her happy loots from the pinata~

And of course, we had cake! Just a small slice sufficed for everyone (about 25 pax?).

What’s a party without some drinks right?

I totally TOTALLY approve of their drink choices.

Especially that Moscato D’Asti.

Your girl here downed TWO full flutes all by herself, lol then paisay to drink more la, so that was it.

I also tried the Hendricks Gin with tonic water but it wasn’t really up my alley.

Passed up on the prosecco because nothing beats the Moscato D’Asti imho.

Kekeke, by the way, there’s a minimum spending to book the VIP room and we managed to hit them after ordering these rounds of drinks!

More importantly, we had fun, we had joy, we had seasons in the sun LOL #cheesy.

I actually shared more highlights on my IG stories @mitsueki, so if you actually follow me there, you would have caught a lot more action in video form verus on my blog~ It was SO fun!

Really blessed and thankful to be part of her celebration. Thank you :’)

Meanwhile, here are some key takeaways if you’re like a little socially awkward duckling like me:

– Even if you feel socially awkward, just go with the intention to have some fun. It WILL become fun! 🙂

– Don’t regret not playing the darts like what I did. I regret not asking if I could join or if I could have someone teach me how to play but I was too shy >_< But damn did I want to try so bad! Plus it was free 😭

To end off, it’s a pity we didn’t get to play this party game. It looks kinda fun, but scary at the same time HHAHAHA (Dodgeball anyone?).

All in all, a FANTASTIC way to end off my Sunday night.But why oh why do we need to go back to work tomorrow?~ :< #canyoufeelme


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