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#CheatDays x A 10.10 Thursdate with Furla Singapore – 10 Oct 2019

Hurhur, it’s 10/10 today and my phone/telegram/emails, etc were FLOODED with all the 10/10 deals and lobangs! Of course, on my end – I was one of the spammers as well; this time for SG Lifestyle with my 10 lobang deal post round-up HAHAHA!

Did you shop for anything during this period? ;p

Random note, I used a 1 minute mask this morning as a perk-me-up since I have an event for tonight and my face feels so gooooodd after that!

10/10 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore – a Work Diary

Meanwhile, back at work today and I’m slowly progressing through the day to get stuff ticked off my to-do list!

Then it sped up a little more when I was tasked with some urgent stuff.


Not to say that I didn’t rest though. I had a nice lunch break where I explored the Tampines Pasar Malam next to the MRT. It was said that there are over 100+ stalls there (about 60-70 food stores?); but it doesn’t feel that way honestly. I think 30 is a stretch probably.

Nonetheless, I WAS tempted by a number of stores, but in the end..

My empty pockets won and I went for a cheaper option at the little shop at Tampines Interchange that sells these Chinese fried snacks at half the price of what is being sold at the pasar malam hahahahaha.

Shiet though, I wasn’t supposed to have carbs but I cheated for this day..after an ENTIRE 3 (lol) days of being super guai.

Today’s also healthy fruits day in the office, woohoo! We had a pear and a plum each per person ^^

P.s meet my new office buddy companion! It’s a couple twin pillow with my fellow #moversandshakers Candy; can’t wait to pass her hers for her birthday! 💙

P.s today is erm, an interesting day it seems. An opportunity once again presented itself to me at work – and the question is; what should I do with it?

The #After6 Life

Meanwhile, my #after6 life is pretty happening for this day la cos I randomly decided to attend a post-work event just for kicks.

More importantly, it was a good chance to catch up with my girl, Claire after.. almost a month? Ye, I’m trying to live a balanced life where I spend time with my good friends as well, hopefully meeting them on a monthly or bi-monthly thing. Ain’t easy, but if you make the effort – 你是可以的!

Anyways, so the event that night was to attend the official store opening of Furla Singapore at Marina Bay Sands and to preview their latest 2020 collection fresh off the Milano Fashion Week!

In a nutshell, I realized that alot of brands have been working on a brand refresh.

For Furla’s case, you’ll realize that they’ve updated their logo to a more contemporary version, as evident from the new type of clasps incorporated on their bags for better branding/branding recall.

I’m still however, a fan of their older classic styles especially the Furla Metropolis bag that I’ve had my eye on since FOREVER.

Here’s a cuter version, hehe.

What about you? Do you prefer their older classics or the new rebranding?

Huge thanks to Furla for having Claire and myself for that night!(:

Meanwhile, we also took the liberty to pop into the Kate Spade store located next door to have a look-see and realized that they too, have gone through a brand refresh in their new collection as they have a new direction/designer onboard now.

What used to be the classic office lady staple has evolved into something with a touch of youth/fun/cute while retaining the classiness of the brand.

tldr; before => basic Kate Spade.

Now => the spin on the classic spade.

I kinda like these.

Anyways, the original plan was to check out the newly opened Origin+Bloom located at Marina Bay Sands (Lobby 3) but eh, we were kinda put off by the lack of seats and it wasn’t that appealing.

So we backtracked to the mall instead to hang at Beanstro, basically a classier version of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

To be frank, the price point at the Coffee and Tea Leaf Beanstro is great for dining at Marina Bay Sands in a comfortable, but yet classy and pocket friendly place (compared to the other restaurants in the vicinity, including the food court).

Did I mention that they have sugar cubes instead of the usual sugar packets?!

Here’s what we had!

A mushroom cappuccino soup with sparkling passion fruit tea for Claire!

Fried calamari rings as a snack for both of us! (This was good!)

Before ending off with the Nuts over Warm Chocolate dessert (with a scoop of ice cream).

I’m surprised that the food served at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf can be so good. Even their desserts (not the first time I’m saying this), heh I’m definitely more impressed with them verus Starbucks tbh.

FYI, here’s the price point!

Most importantly of course, is always the great company to chillax out with 🙂

Ending off with my ootd for the night yayyyy!

All in all, it was a great Thurs-date!(:

Thanks always for reading~


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