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Impulsive #WillIRegretThis Wednesday – 9 Oct 2019

9/10 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore – a Work Diary

GOOD MORNING! Have to say that the peeps around my office are really nice! Struck up an early morning conversation with one of my colleagues in my temporary new home and she’s really so pleasant and bubbly so early in the morning!

Also got gifted the weekly drink from the co from her cos she doesn’t take sweet drinks. That was really nice ^^

Meanwhile, it’s back to the grind right after that, just gogogo and do it!

I really enjoy my unstructured solo lunch breaks for now and for this day – here’s where I was hanging out at.

Lol, lunch time library visits for the first time!

The library at Our Tampines Hub is HUGE and very comfy with plenty of seats and free WiFi. I was actually here a few days back exploring around with my friend recently, but we didn’t manage to reach the 6th floor where my usual selection of romance novels are located!

Nonetheless, was really happy with my selection of books available – just that I wonder if I’ll even have the time to read them all?

Well, no matter, just borrow them first! 😁

Very light lunch bites and a snack to keep me going for the rest of the day at work.

Not forgetting the gu lou rou dinner for the end of the day! ^^

Overall, in terms of work – it’s a productive day~

The #After6 Life

Now back to my #after6 life – in other words, my personal/blogger/editor/social/whatever life that happens after work because I’m a huge advocate now of a healthy work-life balance!

First up, my mind was brimming FULL of content ideas for SG Lifestyle’s upcoming posts as I started getting inspired by the research I’ve been doing.

HAHHAA, tbh, my research consists of screenshotting interesting deals I spy online when I’m browsing through my socials and reading up OR physically taking note when I’m recce-ing around during my lunch breaks/after work timings OR from press releases (yes, press releases still work in this day and time).

Other than that, I went on a shopping spree -_-

#1 Purpur 10/10 shopping spree cos $10 each yo!

For brand new rompers/work dresses, hell yeah? I just hope that I’ll be able to fit into them?

#2 I impulsively and randomly booked myself onto another solo trip, one day IMMEDIATELY after my last day of my contract HAHAHAHAA. Will share more deets closer to the date?

(I closed my eyes and didn’t look at my bank account doing the above two. Yep, I might regret it, I might not but let’s just do this! 💰💸)

Last but not least, I originally had plans to do some running/walking to train up for my upcoming 10K but ermm, I guess procrastination got to me in the end.

Idk about y’all but after a long day at work, it just feels good to fling yourself into bed and NUA all the way while mindlessly scrolling through all your socials hahhaha 😅

Cos that’s what I did la, and it felt good so no judgment there if you do so.

However, I did move my butt to at least draft out this slightly unexpected post especially for 10.10 on SG Lifestyle!

Did you catch the post then? There were so many AWESOME lobangs that were happening on this day!


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See ya there, and see ya tomorrow back on the blog at 12.28pm GMT+8! 👋

Lastly and most importantly – thanks always for reading! ^^


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