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黑社会 Monday – 7 Oct 2019

7/10 Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore – a Work Diary

Harlow, it’s 黑社会 Mondays, so this means wearing BLACK to work wahhahaa.

Here’s my new temporary spot once again, and of cos, as the 黑社会 member, I overtook my RO’s table and chair, muahahha. The new office is much quieter now and I would say it’s pretty conducive to doing work.

Again, I think this will only be my temporary home (yes, I’ve moved like 3 times so far) till end of the month when I can get myself a hopefully, more permanent seat till the end of my contract? Hahhaha!

P.s my RO’s chair SQUEAKS a lot, very loud sia HAAHAHAHAAH.

Meanwhile, I THINK I’m slowly kinda getting the hang of my new scope-ish but I’m still trying to keep up/balance with everything on my plate especially when the shows are coming up so soon.

Y’know, so it’s like a swim or drown thing and you need to figure out how to float at the very least HAHAHA. Luckily I have helpful colleagues around but it’s a busy period for everyone too!


Image result for GAnBATTE gif

Also started on my so-called calorie deficit diet for today, first up with my egg white breakfast, followed by a lighter prawns x grapes x salad lunch.

Nope, no gu lou rou today but..there will be for tomorrow and Wednesday! Well, it saves my money bringing food to work as well la so yay!

120 calorie snacks to fill me up ^^ Plus they’re expiring so I need to quickly clear ’em 😆

The #After6 Life

Meanwhile, for my #After6 life, it’s KILLERBURN 5 STARS ***** TONIGHT! YEAHHHH.

I’m not sure isit I gave less energy now becos of the lower amount of calories consumed but this was a tough class for me that night! Also attributing it to Jae who pushed us harder as well so it became quite an intensive (but enjoyable) workout!

Loving my classes, so it’s worth the splurge to pay for them! I’m still juggling my ClassPass membership at this moment but.. thinking to downgrade it to the ClassPass Lite for $19/month for 8 credits just so to retain my membership to avoid that $72 (?) member reactivation fees!

zYep, there are a couple of upsides and downsides to ClassPass which I’ve listed them HERE:

  • I Signed Up for a Free ClassPass Trial and Here’s What Happened!

Nonetheless, I recommend that you calculate the classes/expenses to see how you can balance it out!

More importantly, if you’re not already on ClassPass, sign up HERE for $40 off your first month! 🙂

Last but not least, I finally sat my butt down (this was supposed to be done on Sunday actually HHAHAHAHA) and got this round-up up on SG Lifestyle!

Love bubble tea? Check out these brand new bubble tea stores/franchises that just opened in October/Sept! 😉

And that’s all for today’s Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore + her after 6 life!


More importantly, thanks always for reading and seeyaaaa tomorrow!


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