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Sunday Rest Day – 6 Oct 2019

Wow, it’s the FIRST time in a long while since I last woke up at almost 2pm – but I did, for this particular Sunday! Hahahha, I’m fully attributing this to the super late night I had where I turned in close to 5am?! 😅

Well, Sunday is a rest day after all, and ideally I’m hoping to keep it that way if I can~

Since it’s pretty much an unstructured day (in a sense), this means that I’m free to nua the day away if I want to.

But of course, if y’all kinda know me by now – it means that I’ll probably be doing my usual weekly “administrative” tasks to prep for the week ahead!

First up of course is to start blogging about yesterday’s post! Looking back fondly on watching my bestie’s first-ever pole performance makes me feel so proud of her! Go read about it HERE!

Ye then of course, it’s scheduling time later on! Hehe luckily I did a bunch of this monotonous task earlier last week so there’s a lighter workload for Sunday!

Blessed homecooked lunches, and then prepping for tomorrow’s meal~

Speaking of which, I realized that I’ve been kinda maintaining my weight with my calorie intake, but that’s not the purpose.

In fact, in order to actually LOSE weight = I need to be on a calorie deficit instead on a temporary basis. So yeah, I’m gonna try to do that for next week? My next appointment will be the upcoming Sunday so I’ll be able to track if that works when I check out my weight.

Sidenote; I also understand that people who are on a temporary calorie deficit diet will feel more tired, so I gotta prepare for that!

Meanwhile, it’s also time to plan for my outfit coordination for the week as well! Hehe fortunately it’s a light week ahead in terms of having empty blanks in my social calendar for plenty of ME-time so that’s awesomeeee!(:

Finally, I decided not to procastinate too much and sat my butt down to generate an advanced SG Lifestyle post on a weekend. Heh, it beats writing it on a weekday cos this means I’ll turn in late.

Edit, nope this didn’t happen HAHHAHA.

The 8.30am reporting time isn’t something to scoff at after all!

More importantly, it’s time to adjust my body clock back to the 7am alarm time and early nights verus to the super late nights I’ve been having for the past two days.

It’s 12am right now. Time to at least knock out for a min of hopefully, 7 hours of sleep! 🤞

Edit: 2am 😭

A brand new week begins in a new environment. Gogo me!

P.s, love bubble tea? Check out this list of BRAND NEW bubble tea shops that just entered the market this October 2019!

Read it here:


See ya tomorrow for the usual #chroniclesofatypicalofficeladyinsingapore and my #after6 weekday life!


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