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I Signed Up for a Free ClassPass Trial and Here’s What Happened! (+FREE TRIAL INSIDE!)

As the title goes – I went ahead to sign up for a one week free trial on ClassPass Singapore a couple of months ago in a bid to restart my fitness regime, force myself to get out of home, try a couple of new studios and activities and here’s what happened!

What’s ClassPass?

tldr; for those who have never heard of ClassPass – it’s in a nutshell, a fixed monthly fitness subscription app where you can get access to a number of fitness studios, gyms, classes and the like in Singapore.

If you’re new to ClassPass, sign up with my link HERE to a FREE trial!

– Get a free 14 day ClassPass trial, sign up for an account HERE!

How to Use?

  1. Download the ClassPass app
  2. Sign up for the one week trial.
  3. Key in your credit card details
  4. Choose your classes (different credits per class)
  5. Cancel subscription immediately before one week is up if you don’t want to continue, or you will be automatically billed 

Cancellation might also incur a $79 reactivation charge if you decide to sign up with ClassPass again which is really annoying. However, you can opt for ClassPass Lite for $19/month to continue on in order to avoid the reactivation charge.

My Experience

Logging in, I was a little fooled by the wording on the advertising, but 25 credits for an unlimited one week trial actually only equals to less than 3-4 classes..unless you’re lucky and able to find classes that are between 5-8 credits per class? Generally, I noticed that most classes are between 7-15 credits for each class or an average of 10 credits.

Anyway, these are the three classes I attended to fully utilize my 1 week free trial (25 credits) on ClassPass:

1. Knockout Boxing Class at Box Office Fitness – 9 September 2019 (10 credits)

Box Office Fitness is pretty popular amongst influencers and social media in general and I really wanted to try it out to see if I enjoyed it! And so I did, signing up for the basic beginning boxing class!

  • Start of Class: Apprehensive. Paid $10 for glove wraps.
  • End of Class: Crawling out of class, trembling. Ye, my upper body strength is extremely weak.
  • The fun part: boxing
  • The nightmare: HIIT

For a more detailed review of Box Office Fitness, read HERE:

2. BounceFit Cardio at Kulture Studios – 11 September 2019 (5 credits)

This isn’t my first time here at Kulture Studios and as you know, I’m a HUGE fan of trampoline fitness classes! So much so that I signed up and paid for a ONE-month unlimited trampoline fitness class for $199! You can read about my experience HERE!

Anyway, since I’ve already been for most of the classes – I knew that the BounceFit Cardio should be a decent / manageable class in between the two boxing classes I had. My upper body and legs (slightly for the latter) were pretty much dying from Monday’s lesson BUT I just persevered and pushed through for this lesson!

I had a totally new instructor for this round, not one whom I’m used to so her work out routine and music choices are slightly different. But okay la, still can catch up only because I used to be a regular here.

If EDM beats plus trampoline fitness is your thing = try out bounce classes! So far, I’ve tried Kulture Studios, Beatx and BBounce Studio and they are all not bad. Just take your pick as they can ALL be found in ClassPass!

The problem now is surviving that last boxing class with Uppercut Boxing. Gone case ah because now my upper and lower body were aching SO MUCH! 😂

3. Uppercut Boxing – 13 September 2019 (10 credits)

Uppercut Boxing is also another popular boxing studio that I’ve always wanted to try.. so why not right?

In comparison to Knockout, I think that this class is slightly less intensive. But then again, I was taking the beginner’s class called Uppercard.

In a nutshell, I walked out of the class with my legs / arms trembling a little 😂

For a more detailed review of Uppercut Boxing, read HERE!

Pros & Cons of ClassPass (imo)


  • Cheap-er price tag for professional studios (depends).
  • Able to choose from many studios and activities.
  • Mix and match your fitness regime.


  • Possible reactivation charges ($79) will force you to continue on the classes with a forced minimum of $19 for the cheapest tier to avoid the reactivation member fee.
  • Limited classes, not the full range. You gotta book fast in advance.
  • Different credits apply for different classes so you have to count your class credits very carefully to utilize it fully.
  • If you miss your class, you’ll be charged a fee, unless you cancel 24 hours beforehand.
  • What if it closes down like GuavaPass? (okay, they got acquired lol)!

Will I continue using ClassPass?

I was contemplating to do so, but the decision was taken out of my hands when my subscription was auto-renewed without my realization and $99 was deducted – just like that. So for the whole month of September 2019  till mid-October 2019, it looks like I’m with the fambam of ClassPass for October at the very least. 🤦🤦🤦

edit; I later downgraded myself to the ClassPass Lite for $19 (8 credits) for the month of end October onwards to avoid the $79 reactivation fee!

More importantly, if you are interested to try it out, sign up with my link HERE to enjoy a free trial! Don’t say I never share this lobang ah! ;p

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Note; not a sponsored ad. Just sharing my experience and honest opinions!

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