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Back to Routine x Diet – 2 Sept 2019

Thank goodness the “insomnia” thing was just a phrase (I hope) over the last few days, and I managed to fall asleep again at a much earlier timing-ish last night. As a result, I was up a little earlier than my usual 12-1pm thing hahahhaha.

Anyway, I was also feeling more productive for the day and started up at least the draft for a round up post that I’ve been procrastinating on for awhile. Lol, a little progress is always better than none after all.

I also took my measurements for the day and lols. It’s as I suspected after two weeks of non treatment and binge-indulging thanks to my birthday HAHAHHA 😂😂

But okay la, some measurements remained but my butt/tummy gained for sure 😅

Let’s get cracking for the day with lunch before packing up to head to my Han Dian TCM all the way at Yishun~

Harlow selfie. It’s rare that this particular lift had nobody~

I took my usual weight and well, I definitely gained but it wasn’t AS BAD as I expected.

Still, with this weight gain meant immediate action to be taken aka back cupping – touted to be very effective. You can only do back cupping probably once a month at the most fyi!

And my usual acupuncture as well 🙂

Have to be really 乖 all the way for me to reach my goals as so far, it’s not been too consistent hahaha. I suspect that my weight loss will take me a couple of months at this rate so I’m not too surprised really. Fyi, this is my 9th session already!

Time flies huh?

Han Dian TCM (汉典中医) 
930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City #03-15
Singapore 769098

Consultation Hours: 10.30am - 9.30pm daily

Reader Promotion! Enjoy 3 sessions of either cupping or acupuncture @ $120! 
Mention that you are mitsueki's blog reader and book an appointment in advance in order to enjoy this exclusive promotion! (: 

Make an Appointment with Dr Huang: 67528098 / 96249486

Meanwhile, I was off once again to the library to refill my book stash and found a couple of new / old gems, woohoo!!

Next up was a special visit to the Old Chang Kee at Paya Lebar Quarter. Unfortunately, what I came for was already sold out so I left empty handed 🙁

Greens verus barely a queue at Feng Sheng Hao.

Diet won out cos I’ve really been cheating for wayy too long 😅

Technically, I still cheated thou. Cos I popped by the Rochor Beancurd outlet nearby to pick up some hot Beancurd ($1.60) for myself and my mom.

It was worth it in the end when my mom was happily tucking into it.

“This is good Beancurd!” she exclaims, while enjoying it fresh and warm as I got home 🙂

On my end?

I made do with my greens paired with some fried chicken my mom bought earlier in the day.

The Beancurd (oops).

And apples.

While polishing off two new books at the same time too. HAHAHAHHA.

Well, at least I made one big accomplishment on this very night = completing this round up post which I’ve been working on for WEEKS!

Scheduled for Wednesday, and well – I hope that there will be a response to this post. Hopefully hahaha.

But okay la, even if there isn’t, I’m proud of myself nonetheless for completing it 🙂

Read it HERE if you haven’t done so yet 😀

Heh, and that’s all for this day!

Thanks always for reading and seeya tml at 1228pm GMT+8!


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