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CUT by Wolfgang Puck Marina Bay Sands x Ladies Night at Ce La Vie Marina Bay Sands – 28 Aug 2019 (Part 2)

Helloyaaa, this is Part 2 of my birthday night hanging out with my girlfriend for a ladies night!

Disclaimer; both straight ah HAHHAHA.

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So, if you recall previously (if you’ve been following my blog), I won a staycation giveaway hosted by Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed a one night stay at the Club Suite.

Read my Marina Bay Sands Club Suite Room Tour Series HERE:

At the same time, I also won a $200 dining vouchers where I could use at any of the Celebrity Restaurants listed.

The original choice was to use it at Bread Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay so that I could try the Beef Wellington that I’ve always wanted to try my entire life, but eh, for this special day aka my birthday, I decided to dine at the celebrity chef restaurant, CUT by Wolfgang Puck instead. Lol, probably my one and only time ever I guess – so I’m gonna make it good!

Claire made the reservations in advance (reservations recommended) at 8pm and here we were exactly at 8, all ready for a good meal!

The restaurant is actually much bigger than it looks with a bar at the front with a couple of tables, and the main dining table on the inside.

P.s the above photos were taken at the end of the night!

The only downside of the restaurant will be the dark lighting of the place and the noise level. So if you’re looking for a quiet and intimate fine dining restaurant, this isn’t the place for you.

The usual clientele of the restaurant seems be of the older, well heeled crowd with plenty of businessmen/businesswomen and business colleagues making up the majority while the rest will be made up of other parties – dating couples, a rare family or two, friends and the like. We were probably one of the oddballs out there, two ladies on a “date” and probably one of the youngest.

Im just glad they kinda gave us a more private table at the side of the restaurant more than anything hahahha.

So here’s the table setting.

And the food menu for your reference (accurate as of 28 Aug 2019).

They also have an individual wine, cocktail and dessert menu.

Ye, your eyes might bog out at the prices as they are NOT cheap. The cheapest steak is priced at $80 for a USDA Prime filet mignon (170g) HAHAHHA 😂😂

Yep, even with a $200 dining voucher, you might expect to pay more than that with these prices especially for two.

In the end, we opted for the Porterhouse (For Two), Rangers Valley Angus (Australian Grain Fed, Aged 35 Days) at $195 with an add-on of French Fries as a side for $18. Lol, nope, no other starters or add-ons for both of us thank you 💲💰

P.s The Mac and cheese and potato puree comes highly recommended fyi.

However, honestly, you don’t really need a starter unless you’ve got the cash to splurge.


You’ll be served with a plethora of complimentary nibbles/amuse-bouche and bread upon being seated.

For this day, it was these idk, cheese bread of sorts and a couple of cheese sticks (not pictured). They were okay, but I wasn’t too particularly impressed.

And then the bread tray came with a choice of four types of bread and some amazing butter. The waiter recommended us the second and last bread on the right and it was the BEST choice imo.

Yum. Plenty of carbs to tide us over while waiting for the main course! Goodbye diet 🙁

We later tried the other two bread (a sourdough / olive) and they couldn’t measure up at all.

It was a wait till our mains came aka our Porterhouse steak and it arrived with flair in the form of tableside service whereby our waiter cut and served up our steak beautifully (and equally).

Our fries with the respective dips came at the same time and y’all know what?

It’s time to dig into the most expensive steak we’ve ever paid for in our lives (okay la, cos got vouchers, excludes any steak tasting as well)!

But first, pictures HAHAA.

As the porterhouse steak came in 4 exact pieces as seen below, divided equally.

More importantly, it was bloody good and the fries, amazing as well!

I think knowing the price of the meal (plus we were ravenous!), we polished off EVERYTHING between us.

Oh and just wanted to share something suaku. Upon being seated, we were asked if we wanted still or sparkling water. Do note that in doing so, they will open a brand new 1L BOTTLE of the respective drink (chargable at $14 PER bottle). Nopez, we didn’t know that so we ordered sparkling and still water EACH. In other words, we had a 1L bottle of water to finish per person during this whole meal. #died

Lesson learnt? Next time, just order the same drink or skip the water and get a cocktail or something hahahha. 😂

Meanwhile, after our mains were done, the dessert menu was produced for our picking. Honestly speaking, the apple crumble and chocolate souffle caught my eye but noppeee, desserts were declined.

That’s because for special occasions i.e birthdays, anniversaries and whatsnot = you’ll get a complimentary dessert on the house, courtesy of CUT by Wolfgang Puck.

Did I mention, a signed birthday card with all the staffs’ names as well?

I believe the dessert is a raspberry and mascarpone cheese sorbet if I’m not wrong. Lol, we liked the raspberry one but not the cheese 😅

Nonetheless, this gesture is much appreciated 🙂

Lastly, to end off our meal – we were gifted with yet another trio of desserts/sweets on the house from the chefs (available for all diners). Ye, it’s fortunate we didn’t order any desserts at all!

The little sweets were pretty yummy, though sharing was a little inconvenient but Claire and I managed a half bite of each.

I think we sat there till closing time from 8-11pm, just dining, chatting and just generally having a good time.

And then, the moment of truth came = the bill and it was a heart stopping moment just looking at the numbers.

$83.66 over our original budget of $200 – phew, okay la. Not as bad as I expected but it still packs a punch as we’re not people who would usually pay such a high price for food. (Thank goodness for my voucher!).

Nonetheless, I think even if we paid for the full price without the voucher (and I’m working!), it would have been worth every penny for a special occasion like my birthday.

Well, a celebrity chef restaurant is now CHECKED off my list at Marina Bay Sands! Next up: the Beef Wellington from Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Kitchen ($80 for it). One day I guess 🙂

More importantly, it was a wonderful evening and I enjoyed everything!

Heh, it was fun too, to dress up more glamorously once in awhile 🙂

Now if you think that our night ended just like that – you’re very wrong HAHAHA. Instead, that was just the start of our very long night!

It was a Wednesday night and this means ladies night (Diamond Life) at my favourite club over at Ce La Vie, over at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

In other words, ALL ladies get free entry (U.P $38) as well as a complimentary bubbles/premium pour on the house.

This was Claire’s first time and probably my 3rd or 4th visit.

Heh, idk la but I like the clientele here much better than other clubs.

Our drinks of choice – Havana Anejo Rum x Coke and the Maker’s Mark x Coke. Honestly speaking, we just randomly ordered with no idea what they were HAHHAHA. Mine was actually the latter order but I didn’t really like it. Then, I tried Claire’s and OMG, that was so much nicer (and sweeter!) so we exchanged drinks.

Lol, and at first we were standing awkwardly at one corner sipping on our drinks as we couldn’t dance with our drinks on the dancefloor and.. the next thing we knew?

We were ushered by the staff for free entry in the cordoned VIP area on the outside.

“Feel free to chill at the bar, or hang around the area”, is what we were told.

And so we did, cos..why not?

The dance floor beat later drew us in and we hurried to finish our drinks to get on the dancefloor.

P.s you’ll get the VIP stamp so you can just freely head in / out of the VIP area to cool down and have a respite from the busy dance floor.

That was a fun night dancing away! The only downside is that you will SWEAT like crayyyy as it’s technically an open air club/rooftop bar. I totally forgot to bring my hairtie as well so phew, sweat dribbled down like crazy HAHAHAHAA.

Tbh, our aim was to dance the whole night away to kill the calories that we consumed earlier on, but again – something unexpected came.

One of the staff beckoned to us halfway through saying that we were invited to join this guest at the VIP area alongside with the club managers. Lol, I had no idea what was going on but uh, okay.

In a nutshell, it became a hangout session instead with new acquaintances made, my first Flaming Lamborghini drink on the house (I didn’t order ah lol), and seems like free entry into Ce La Vie from now onwards.


Overall, a very interesting night for sure. But ya, always do be careful of the free drinks offered and take care / look out for each other nonetheless. As ladies, we gotta protect our own. Always stay sober and make sure your senses and mind are fully intact and clear headed.

Say No, if you’re uncomfortable. Like me, I’m okay being judged to order iced water in a club if I don’t really want to drink. It’s bad for the liver and causes a beer belly 😂

More importantly, we were kinda kindly escorted safely to our taxi later on as we stayed on till the club’s closing time at 4am.

Lol, back at our hotel – time for a quick shower, chats and crash. Okay, Claire probably crashed around 5 while I knocked out at 6am.

Gg for a check-out time at 12 noon the next day 😂😂

Find out more in the next post coming up tomorrow at 12.28pm GMT+8!

Overall, I think this was one of my BEST, or if not, most happening birthdays of my life for this suaku hermit. What a night, and what a birthday!(:

I’m blessed and super lucky!


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