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Birthday Rituals & Lunches x Mother-Daughter Bonding Times x Gratefulness – 26 Aug 2019

I think of all the days, this particular Monday is one of my fondness especially in August 2019.


It’s a half day spent out with my mom aka the VVIP in my life!

Generally, if you follow my blog closely, you’ll realize that we both usually eat at home and only head out together for special occasions and whatsnot. And of course, August is a special month cos it’s my birthday month and such a special occasion means => lunching together! It’s our yearly birthday ritual la hahah.

I always remember most of my birthday lunches! When I was much younger, she used to bring me out for a treat at Swenson’s on my birthday and then when I got older, it would just be a ritual to bring me to a buffet lols. Level up okay! HAHAHHAHA!Yeah, now you know why I’m always struggling to lose weight cos of the temptation/lure of food. Back then, I didn’t really bother too much about the weight so I just happily ate away.

But now? I’m a little more particular about it (hahaha yes, vanity is one) plus I’m still on my Han Dian TCM slimming treatments.

So when I knew she wanted to treat me to yet another buffet this year.. honestly I was groaning in protest.

Me: Whines a day ahead Can we just have the ala-carte meals instead? It’s cheaper too.
She: But the buffet is nice. Can try and eat alot of things.

Lol, yeah she wins.

I mean, a) we rarely eat out together, b) she really likes the buffet and all the food, c) as my mom, she just wants to treat me. Sigh, I bid a heavy goodbye to my diet and well, I guess I have to put in extra effort to watch my diet after this entire week is over cos my weight will DEFINITELY be going up.

Okay, that aside – it was daughter duties that afternoon! Mom’s all dressed up in her clothes where she’s always pretty particular about dressing-wise to look presentable.

And her current favorite buffet place?

Penang Place at Suntec City!

Yeah, this is our 3rd or 4th time here at Penang Place and our second time having the buffet. I brought her here last year for a CNY lunch, before having this again for my birthday treat and I guess she really enjoyed the food very much hence, her request to come back here again for the buffet.

You can read about our Penang Place buffet HERE and the Penang Place ala carte meal HERE which I blogged about last year.

Meanwhile, not much had changed at the buffet since then, except maybe just a tiny bit of extra changes.

More importantly for my mom, the food standard is consistent and she is happy with it :)On this special day, I also did a quick vlog of spending our day together and you can watch it here below if you’re interested.

Tbh, I’m like a spoiled brat who may grumble, whine about my weight/diet etc, but yea.. just seeing my mom happy and digging into her food with relish makes EVERYTHING worth it.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the food myself ah hahaha.I did, it’s very good actually – which is why I couldn’t stop myself from eating 😭😭

In fact, I enjoyed everything except perhaps one of their chicken options. Luckily it was replaced with the prawn paste chicken and that blew my socks away!

My Recommendations: Penang char Kway teow (fantastic) / prawn paste chicken / red bean and Logan soup / spring roll / beef rendang.

For your reference, the buffet price is actually very affordable for the quality and location. It’s $25.90++ for a weekday lunch buffet (about S$61 for two pax), which is comparable to hotel buffets which can easily go up to $60-80 for one pax with relatively subpar food.

They also have ala-carte meals for those who prefer something lighter! We had the ala carte meal HERE before.In a nutshell, if you’re looking for relatively authentic Penang food and pocket friendly prices that are mom-approved – here’s a great recommendation!(:

Disclaimer: not an ad hahahaha. If it is, I would mention it :p

Kakaka, here’s a forced photo with the VVIP cos she hates taking photos while I just have a ritual of taking photos of our time together lols.

We then spent some time together doing a little grocery shopping (or actually, just me). Lol, we’re not the best shoppers together cos of “different frequencies”, and prefer our own me-time/alone time to be honest.

And a bonus part? Hahaha, walking around the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City since we had the opportunity to do so.

Idk la, but this mother-daughter bonding time is precious to me and I’m very grateful that I have the time now to spend with my mom. Frankly speaking, it’s one of the biggest takeaway during my adult gap year. I personally feel that we’ve become much closer during this one year and I’m starting to understand and more importantly, appreciate her so much more.

She is afterall, ohana. Family 🙂

I’m indeed blessed and lucky to have her in my life. But for her ah, er I’m probably a burden hahahaha 😂😂😂

Maybe, hopefully one day – she’ll be proud of me~ 🙂

Meanwhile, this burden went home after that and procrastinated the ENTIRE day doing absolutely nothing. Well, except read a book la hahah.

Tell you liao, burden lol.


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