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Sunday Whatsnot x Renewing SG Lifestyle x Fulfillment & Contentment – 25 Aug 2019

Sunday was a good day and I finally moved my lazy procrastinating butt to finish writing all my backlog posts for the last few days and YEP, I WAS DONEEEEE!

Honestly speaking, viewership for this blog has dropped so much since I started blogging about more boring stuff aka my happy-go-lucky, but really very mundane life rather than trending things and whatsnot, but eh it’s good.

Lols, slowly but surely this blog will be an ancient, dusty monument/relic where only I’ll be reading it me thinks.

Image result for blow dust away gif
*Blows dust away 😂

But honestly speaking, it doesn’t matter too much to me heh.

Anyway, meals today include a humble lunch/dinner of boiled soup that my mom prepared. Thanks mama~

And scoffing down this packet of Percy Pigs lols.

Not pictured: two packets of biscuits, 4 pieces of salted caramel chocolate cookies and a bowl of grapes. Ughh, bye diet.

Other than that, nothing much for today la, I’m just really content now staying at home all the time and just chilling away. That’s the perfect life no? 😅

Good news for the day – I slowly, but surely/steadily – broke into the top 100 of restaurants in my server in this day at Yokai Kitchen. Once again, no cash no nth, just playing regularly so I’m pretty proud about my progress hahaha.

(Yes peeps, I know it’s a game but my life is so boring now that this is my entertainment HAHAHHAHAHAH)

I also sat my butt down to get a couple posts up for SG Lifestyle AND..I also decided to renew the website services for one more year. Bye $$, I guess I can consider it as a birthday gift to myself lol.

Honestly speaking though, I’m just surprised that I’m still running it and it will be hitting it’s one year mark very very soon.

More importantly, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished though, one of the mini projects I started during this adult gap year period 🙂

It was also this time when I was calculating finances again cos y’all kinda need to reevaluate them (i.e your net worth, P&L so far etc) once in awhile to ensure that it’s survivable if you know what I mean?

I’m lucky in many areas to be able to you know waves hands around to do this, whatever I’ve been doing for the past one year and I have to say that I think my financial literacy has definitely improved since I first started. I’m not there yet for sure, but I’ve started setting hopefully, achievable/attainable goals for myself that I hope to be hitting by a certain age with fingers crossed.

Of course, in the first place to even get there – you’ll need to get a job la, and this is the part is something which I’ve been err..perhaps running away a little from. Heh.

Come what may, k?

Meanwhile, I was also reading up this blog randomly and chances upon this graph here which I found really interesting and thought-provoking.

The fulfillment graph with the “enough” point.

There liesin the question – what is “enough” to you for contentment, before it veers into “overconsumption?”

Have you asked yourself this question before?

Personally, it’s always been a question I’ve been asking myself, and I think the answer will fluctuate at different points and stages in life for all individuals.

To date, I think I probably only know one friend who knew EXACTLY how much was enough for him to reach that point.

And he went out to achieve just that. Amazing huh?

P.s in related news, here’s another post to read (not in Singapore context).

Another interesting thing to share will be this video of this Singaporean couple who legit bought a campervan, renovated it and quit their jobs to make their way from Singapore to Portugal overland.

You usually only see such scenarios in the States, OZ, or other countries if y’all know what I mean.. but not in Singapore where most of us you know..conform to society so I’m really impressed with their guts to do this?

And also, the efforts that they went with sustainability and her candidness etc. Just watch the video below, I think you might be suitably impressed as well 🙂

I wish them well on their journey and may they stay safe and reach their final destination safe and sound!

P.s I followed them on IG too, you can follow them on @mjroadtrippin if you’d like!

And fyi, no – I would never do something like that (living out the back of a campervan) HAHAHHAHA. I need an actual room over my head with an attached bathroom in a nice and safe environment with all the little luxuries in life 😂👸

Truth is, traveling can be a little dangerous. Go read this post here which they shared, and I’m glad they did cos it’s usually so safe in Singapore that I think sometimes, we as Singsooreans take our personal safety for granted overseas.

So, I’m glad that they were very real and shared this and not gloss over the sometimes, not so highlighted/scary portion about travel.

Meanwhile, I shall just snuggle back into my safe cacoon / warm cave / whatcha what you wanna call it in our very safe Singapore, and devour my books.

I’m so sad that I polished off ALL of Katie Ruggle’s books available to date. Great series so far. But well, back to Christine Feehan for the rest of the night~

Meanwhile, see ya tomorrow at 12.28pm GMT+8! Oh, I went out that day so it should be a little more interesting than this day. Plus it has my mom too wahahhaha. :p



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